Friday, 29 May 2009

My patch of the world

I thought I would show you where I spend much of my time. The loo roll is for sticky fingers and mopping up spills from my computer keybopard. The white writing pad has got the page numbers of my second book which I am editing at the moment. As I get a page finished I tick its number off from the list. The list seems not to be getting any shorter.

Packets of seeds for planting out, ipod for listening to and saving work which it never does because I don't tell it to, big dictionary because I need a large vocabulary of words, pot of Vaseline for dry lips and dry fingers so I don't nibble at them, a watch newly provided by Lester who bought it from Argos yesterday so I can be aware of using my time more wisely and not dither about getting sidetracked by extraneous activities which are not condusive to either getting my books written or getting Labartere up and running, and sunglasses for when I can't find the safety visor and need to do some strimming.

And Bools catching up with his sleep. He has obviously decided to come off guard dog duty but has his ball and stick to hand in case I should get off my PC sometime soon. He likes it in the office. It is the coolest place to be. Today the butter melted and the eggs became warm so I had to throw them out on the compost heap where a big buzzard bird saw its chance to have a free feed. Those items were kept in the kitchen caravan.

Today was not a place to be in that caravan. Bools and I knew that. Lester was recovering from his flight home from the UK and was catching up with sleep in the bedroom caravan so was oblivious to the heat. Ah bless. I didn't recognize him when he came through check-out. I sent him off dressed in casual gear, and he came back dressed in city gear, London-style. He had to speak to me to capture my attention. But then I was otherwise occupied with watching everyone coming and going. My family will know how much of a people-watcher I am. It must be the writer in me!

And so this is my immediate patch. I wanted to share it with you, mostly because it is tidy today. It normally looks, quite frankly, a mess! But today it looks good.

Yippee, Lester is home safe and well.

Yippee, the potatoes are blossoming, the onions too and they shouldn't be so are being naughty, we are eating our own lettuce now, had our first three strawberries, had our first four raspberries, my Bruv called to see if I was OK because I hadn't posted a blog for a couple of days and so thankyou Bruv for being a Goodo Bruv, and finally to say to Denise over at Malarkey Manor: Yippee for trainee self sufficiencers, yippee for seriously erst-while writers, and yippee for not giving up.

Things I learnt today: Too much sun can have a detrimental effect to one's normally quiet-mannered self.

Oh, and the things I have either side of my head are not earings, but headphones through which I am listening to Queen as I right this blog. "We are the Champions" is playing, so join in and have a singalong with me......arms in the air as in the manner of Freddie Mercury.......waving them side to side......1,2,3,and "We are the champions my friends, And we'll keep on fighting 'till the end, We are the champions, We are the champions...."

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