Monday, 4 May 2009

Pedalling along

Today Lester has spent all day working on his PC. In the UK it has been a bank holiday, but not in France. Today, Lester has worked all day at his PC. He has to. We have a roof to pay for. Today Lester has sat all day at his PC.
And this really is to say to him 'Thankyou' for carrying the dream.


Today Lester has computed all the day. I did my part to keep us afloat: Underling Gardener work, Chief cook work, Head Launderess work, Animal welfare expert work, etc. We are two people pedalling the same bicycle to make the dream come true. When one of us tires the other keeps pedalling. Sometime both of us tire, then we fall off and lay spraddle-legged for a little while. Then up we get, back on the bicycle and off we go again.

Sometimes I think the Universe makes it harder for some of us. Sara of the Camels down the road needs money to finance an animal sanctuary, meanwhile her husband has to commute between here and the UK. We want to set up a self sufficiency training camp, and a get-off-your-bike-for-a-while rest and recovery centre, which we will do if the Universe sends us the finances.

So for all you erst-while dream-makers, keep pedalling and don't ever put your bike away, because there are a lot of rusting bicycles out there which are disregarded, regretted, and forlorn. Few people manage to keep pedalling. Let you be one of them.

Lester worked all day on his PC. He is pedalling. I did the running around work. I am pedalling. Together we pedal along.

And as I walked across the courtyard this morning, I looked up at the ragged and torn tarps hanging off the tall barn roof, and for which we have no money for repair, and a voice quite distinctly said, "Soon". So the Universe spoke to me, and said the roof would be going on.

It looks like the Universe is the also pedalling our bike.

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