Monday, 11 May 2009


Oh so have a look at this humungous insect which fell off the wall in front of my computer today. It is lying flat on its back, waving its legs in the air, and I have put a one pound coin beside it so you can see how big it is. Or was. It is now in Insect Heaven.

Gosh but it gave me the heebie-jeebies.

It was the third.

An hour or so previously, Lester called my attention to a two inch long thingummyjig with hundreds of legs each side of it, similar to a millipede, but oh so much huger, that was walking up the wall infront of his computer.That is in Insect Heaven as well.

And then last night: going into the kitchen caravan later on in the evening, and there was this huge moth-like creature bashing about the place. That was the biggest of these three. But it sort of gave itself a headache from crashing into everything and ended up prone in my saucepan. Handy for getting back outside. I don't know whether that is in Insect Heaven or not. It might be being recycled via Boolie's tummy, or it might have flown off. It was dark so I couldn't see.

Now I am not particularly squeamish about insects, but these are BIG. And I think they must be waking up from their winter sleep. I think that our pig/chick hut has been their dormitory for the colder months, and now it is getting warmer, well.... time to wake up and get going with doing things.

However, all has changed. No longer is their previous abode as it was. It has been re-done. No cobwebs, no pig-poo, no chicken leavings. Clean walls. People. Dog. It must seem like a living hell when they wake up, have a stretch and then head on out for their new season. Perhaps it is just as well they are dispatched. They can't like it very much now that we have reclaimed their previous abode as our office.

Builders in today. Stones down on the floor in the half barn. Looking good. HG was up at 6.3o this morning, getting up the same time as me, his UG. He has been in shock with his early arising all day, but enjoyed the early morning dig. Blowing up a bit outside, so a storm is on its way. Great! Won't have to water the garden. But must rush off to retrieve the washing from the line before it disappears off down to the Pyrenees.

A couple of hours later: Hi. Just had chat with Bruv in UK, done some potato-earthing-up with HG, rescued washing, no rain but hopefully some will arrive soon, stick-play with Bools, uploaded this photo of our new 'lawn' mowed by stirling-trooper-HG, now off to do the washing up as have no clean cups, cutlery, saucepans or plates. Well, it has been hot, like a sauna, in the kitchen caravan today. Too hot to mess about at the sink. Well, that's my excuse so I am sticking to it!

What I learnt today was that having a Bruv is great, that when one feels like one is going to melt like a pat of warmed-up butter it is best to leave any heavy exercise, like washing-up, until later when it is less hot, that if one is an Under Gardener then one must expect to have finger nails and hands which are no longer in pristine condition, and that laughter lines on one's face are better than frown lines.

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