Saturday, 19 October 2013

Waiting on Lissie

We are waiting for the arrival of 'the time of the month' for Lissie so that the vet and his accomplice can come and get her with calf. It will have to be a bottle and tube job though, because there is no way we can either get her to a bull or have a bull live here, rams, boars, cockerels, and billy goats, being just about all we can manage. It is a shame that she will not be able to enjoy the proper route of getting to be with calf, but no doubt she will get her own back on us one way or another. 

So everything organised for the AI event. Except that Lissie, having been on time the previous couple of months, is not on time this month. We continue to closely observe her rear end. A tickle under the chin is also significant for triggering the need to rise up and mount. There seems to be a sort of erogenous zone just under the chin. This was proved with Bonny (her six month old calf) when, during a cosy up session, a tickling under the chin ended up with her rearing up at me. Upon observation of her rear end, it was to be seen that she was having her first season. 

Now this is a useful indication of time of the month, however one has to be careful around those two sensitive days lest one is reared up on, as it is quite possible that one would be rendered squashed upon the floor should this happen. Delicate tickles then, that is the rule, just to see if she is ready for action. But at other times she can have a full on tickle under the chin, plus any other tickles she would like to have, but only round the head area. 

So, watching and waiting. 


Jean said...

I never knew the sex life of cows could be so ......... fascinating !!

Vera said...

Jean, it is!