Friday, 11 October 2013

Breakfast in bed? I wish!

I have been up since 3am this morning.
Because the Universe has got me writing again,
which means early mornings,
before the day hits on me.

Its all right for some, though...
...she has breakfast in bed,
parks herself on top of the hay for the night,
then has nibbles of the hay she has been lying on,
for breakfast.
(Sorry about the poor quality of photo - dropped camera)

I have to get everyone up soon,
it's now 6.30 am,
Lester first,
cup of tea and toast in bed to get him up and going,
so he can go milking Lissie...

.... meanwhile, Bonny talks to me...

....and Ice Cream watches the two girls ...

.... who are going to start aggravating her at any minute now,

....because they are puppies, and can.
Ah, but one of these puppy girls has come of age,
and is having her first season.
We know this,
because Boolie has said that she is,
Bools being a male springer spaniel,
and willing,
but we say he can't,
so he has to stay with me all the time,
which he loves to do anyway,
because it was just him and me for years,
when Lester was working in the UK,
when his days were twelve hours long and more,
before we came here
to be smallholders
in France.

Breakfast for all then, 
that is what I am off to do.
Hope you have a good day,
we are plucking cockerels today,
did two yesterday,
two the day before,
we have about twelve to do,
we shall be plucking for a few days yet.
Why so many? 
Because we were donated a flock of chickens,
many of whom were cockerels,
and we have our own home grown cockerels
from our last batch of hatching eggs
to do as well.
Oops, need to get a move on!
Bye for now.


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Not a problem having too many cockerels so long as you have freezer space. Breakfast in bed is not good for the digestive system so you are not missing anything really :-) Have a good weekend. Diane

The Broad said...

And here I sit bemoaning the fact I have to get up at 6.30 to get my grandson up and at 'um by 7.10. I do relish those early morning 4 0 minutes to myself -- just wish they could come a bit later! I must say your early morning friends look beautiful!

Denise said...

Wishing you a smooth and productive, happy, gladsome, smallholding day. X

Vera said...

Diane, the cockerels had to go, such a bad humour about them which is not pleasant to be near!

The Broad, early morning are alright if one blocks one's mind to the nice warm cosy bed waiting to be got back into!

Denise, thanks, and hope you day is a good'un as well!

rusty duck said...

Love picture of goat in crate!

Kev Alviti said...

Plucking birds just always takes longer than you think. Or maybe I just need more practice!

Vera said...

Jessica, goat in crate is sure a cutey!

Kev, it takes us an hour to pluck each cockerel! Helps if Lester and me are plucking a cockerel each. Seems to make us competitive with each other so we go faster than what we would if one of us were doing it on our own!

Niall & Antoinette said...

ah but the plucking will be worth it when you sit down to a nice coq au vin :-)

love the pic of the goat in a crate.