Monday, 21 October 2013

She' s been seen to!

We waited all morning, and part of the afternoon,
and then the man arrived,
in gum boots,
one hand and arm enclosed in a bright pink plastic glove,
the other hand 
holding an equally long bit of tube thingy.
The pink plastic glove and tube thingy
then disappeared up Lissie's botty.

One would think that this insertion
would have made her yelp,
but no,
she stood,
obligingly quiet,
just with ears laid back,
maybe in astonishment.

First the scooping out of the poo.
Ah, so the glove was like a manual enema.
Then the insertion of the tube thing.
Ah, temperature taken.
New glove, new tube,
now going into the next door part of her botty,
a second later,
job done.

21 days time,
that is when we shall know,
if we are with calf.

Lissie remains quiet,
although has a slightly befuddled look in her eyes.
And so the cycle of life hopefully continues,
helped along by the nice AI man.


rusty duck said...

I hope you dimmed the lights and played soft music..

Jean said...

I don't understand why the first part of the process is necessary for the second part.
Anyway, it sounds like less fuss and bother than the human method of continuing the species, in a way.
No broken hearts, for one thing !!

Vera said...

Jessica, no, didn't do that, but we did make a lot of fuss of her and I cut some fresh meadow grass as a treat for her because she had been indoors all day. She really does get a lot of fuss!

Jean, neither do I. But I think the poo has to be cleaned out so her temperature can be taken. Don't women who are planning their pregnancies have to do that to see if they are ovulating? Although they don't have to have an enema first!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

"although has a slightly befuddled look in her eyes." i might have snorted my drink out my nose at that one. um... congrats to L, i hope?

Niall & Antoinette said...

Here's hoping she will get in calf.

Rhodesia said...

Good luck, looking forward to hearing the good news. Keep well Diane

Kev Alviti said...

Sounds very romantic! Hope she gets in calf.