Monday, 21 October 2013

A lovely day

It has been a busy year,
almost non stop since the arrival of it on January 1st,
hardly any time to stop, think, and observe,
but today we did.
Pottered around with a few jobs,
but slowly.
Saw golden bits on the trees,
winter is on its way,
felt  a bit down about that,
until I wandered around our overgrown front garden
and saw the new growth of buds
on the shrubs and trees, 
all getting ready for spring 2014,
and felt quite uplifted,
making winter seem a mere blip.
It is not about wishing life to pass quickly,
it is about knowing that when the temperatures drop,
and the weather turns in on itself,
that I can remember those snapshots of young buds,
which will warm my heart.

Lissie had been yelling her head off,
indignant that there is no bull around,
trying to make do with the small black goat,
who hardly comes up to her udders.
But she continues to milk well,
giving us enough milk to cope with.
Artificial insemination today, hopefully.

And today I had the time to re-connect with our small farm,
having been in danger of becoming bogged down,
by the busyness of it all.
One has to stop and count one's blessings sometimes,
and that I did today.


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Yesterday was a beautiful day, such a change to the past couple of weeks. I see we have apple blossom on one of the trees!! I hope it remembers that it has to blossom again in spring! Have a good week Diane

rusty duck said...

New growth of buds makes winter seem like a mere blip... that's a thought I'll hold on to!

Denise said...

'What is this life, if full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?'

John Gray said...

So right... You need to stand back and take a breath sometimes

Vera said...

Diane, our pear tree is putting up some blossoms as well!

Jessica, glad I gave you a thought to help you through the winter!

Denise, very apt!

John, applies to everyone I think!