Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Muckiness, and a shocked little piggy

Today was a mucky day,
because it was time to clear out the Half Barn,
made into a mess,
by Billy Goat and his young girls.
The barn was tidy, 
in the before time,
when the goats were elsewhere,
actually in their mum's tums, 
because the residents of the barn
have been this year's youngsters,
put there to keep them away from their mothers teat,
so we could have the milk
instead of them,
so to pay us back,
they made mischief and mayhem
in the barn.

Fortunately the barn opens out onto the back field,
which made the task of picking up the muck,
not quite so bad.
But all done now,
and tomorrow we have Serge coming in
to help Lester
make some proper animal pens,
so that mayhem will never happen again,
although mischief probably will.

The two rottweiller girls continue on with their season,
driving poor old Bools,
quite nuts. 

And a two new donations,
for the pot actually, 
but time has not permitted,
so these two boys,
day by day,
are snuggling themselves into the animal landscape here.
It is likely that,
unless they cause a ruckus
that they will remain around the place.

And our two little boy piggies,
hoping for some milk,
and not very pleased 
that they had to do a photo shoot instead.

And here is their sister,
still with their mum.
And it was of this day that she had a fright,
it was actually a big shock of a fright,
because she did think to test the electric wire,
and caught the wire on one of its pulses,
fair and square, 
on her nose.
She keeled over,
just like an axed tree would,
over she went.
I thought her a gonner,
so did she for a moment or two,
then she sort of got two legs under her,
and hauled herself up,
then was taken with the shakes,
shock I suppose,
then she did a wee,
ah, that's better,
and off she trotted.

Half Barn now tidy. 
And the joys of opening two jars for lunch,
one was spiced lamb,
the other this season's new potatoes.
Simmered lamb for twenty minutes
to heat it through,
potatoes went into a hot frying pan
to roast off,
et voila,
within half an hour,
a good hearty meal,
rather than the egg on toast
we would have had
if I had not learnt
to can.

Am off to have a shower,
as feel ever so messy,
it having been a very mucky day.
Bye for now,


John Gray said...

How's the house renovations going Vera?
A shower?
Is it finished yet?

The Broad said...

Hope you had a very relaxing evening with a nice glass of wine -- or two -- after all that muckiness!

Rhodesia said...

It just shows that all the hard work of canning certainly pays off. I am quite looking forward to eating all the goodies that I have moaned and cursed over doing during the year.
Have a good weekend Diane

Vera said...

John, showed finished a while back, but has not been functioning long enough for us to take it for granted yet!

The Broad, made do with a hot drink of Ovaltine instead!

Diane, it is worth all the work, just seeing the jars stacked on the shelves makes one feel real good! Hope you have a good weekend as well.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

those are beautiful pigs! shocked or not. and lovely dogs - great to see them :-)

Jean said...

That sounds like a very satisfying day all round. All that work with the canning has certainly paid off.
And how those puppies have grown!