Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Singing in the rain

Just a bit of a mad moment. Was scything some grass for our animals.
I think the rain must have finally seeped into my brain cells.

It has been raining a lot here during the last five months,
and Home Field is flooded again, 
which means the animals have to graze over the lane in Station Field
or else they are kept indoors,
either way we have to supplement their grazing.
So I scythe grass, 
which is good for my waistline and build firm upper arm muscles,
but in the rain,
one does get soaked.

Sometimes this does not make me happy,
but sometimes a sort of nut and bolt comes undone in my head,
and I feel enthusiastic about mucking about in the rain.



Horst in Edmonton said...

Well at least your not bored by cutting some grass for the animals. It is raining here in Edmonton as well. We had a lot of wind here to go along with the rain. Hope the next few days are a lot dryer for you. Take care and be well and dry.

John Gray said...

Mad as a box of the proverbials

rusty duck said...

You do look quite wet... keeping cheerful is the only way!

Jean said...

Marvellous !!
I was expecting Lester to join in with the next bit..doobedodo dobedoobedodoo....
It's one of my very favourite songs of all time and you have a lovely voice !!

DUTA said...

The title of your post reminds one of course of the famous song by Gene Kelly.

You probably know the lyrics of that song , and I'm sure its words and phrases helped you happilly accomplish your field work under the falling rain.

The Broad said...

Well, Vera, you've made me smile -- so thanks for sharing the joy of the moment!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

you have no idea how happy this video made me! yay! thats the spirit!

Denise said...

When the summer arrives I am expecting an equally splendid rendition of 'Bring me sunshine!'

Vera said...

Horst, we are now having a heatwave! Hope you have some sunshine too.

John, being the age I am gives me permission to eccentric and slightly 'mad'!

Jessica, well I try to be cheerful, and for most of the times I succeed!

Jean, would have liked you to join in as well! All together now, 'doobedodo.....'

Duta, that song was the one that was in my head when I was getting fed up with being so wet again!

The Broad, I am so glad I made you smile. For me, that made making the video worthwhile.

Ohiofarmgirl, glad I made you smile too. You are someone who carries on despite all setbacks as well!

Denise, our temperatures are up at 29 today, so I think summer might have finally arrived!