Sunday, 9 June 2013

My curds have sunk....

....they should, but now, be visible,
and ready to be firmly poked.
They are not. 
Upon investigation with my finger,
it feels like they are in an untidy lump at the bottom.

So, what to do.

My other curds have done well, 
nice and firm,
easy to handle,
and where they should be,
on top.

But not this time.

It looks like the Cheddar Cheese Project may be having a blip.


Two little piggies:

Three little piggies:

Four little piggies:

Five little piggies:


Jean said...

Ahhhhh....they're so cute and !!

John Gray said...

Ahhh piglets
Bouncing bombs of pure energy

Vera said...

Jean, they are very cuddly and adorable. Shame that they are also very mucky and squeal a lot, and that the mum would bulldoze into us if we ever so much as got within an inch of them!

John, I an fascinated by their scampering bums!

Zimbabwe said...

Good to hear that you are doing well with the pigs if not with the curds!! I will be back blogging soon I hope but soooooo many photos to sort out meanwhile. Hope all is OK. Take care. Diane

Vera said...

Hi Diane, glad to hear from you, and look forward to seeing those photos!