Saturday, 15 June 2013

Not to worry, I'm still standing

I took a flyer today, 
one sheep plus one pallet collided with my person.
It could have been worse,
each shin could have gone into two separate parts, 
but they stayed joined.
Which is good.

And this was after yesterday,
when another sheep bounced against my chest,
and sent me flying sideways.
Not to worry, everything still worked afterwards.

In truth, I am a bit fed up with flying sheep,
who do not appreciate that they need to be wormed and bot fly protected,
instead take on their flightiest diva behaviour,
and barge with force into whatever and whoever is in the way,
with some force will they do this.

That was yesterday, when a nice vet lady visited.
Lester and her remained unbarged into,
it was only me that got the full force of a sheep 
who did not appreciate being stuck into with a needle.

Today, this happened:

...sheep shearing time.
One would think that the sheep would appreciate the removal of their winter coats,
but no,
all were in a grump,
possibly because this was the second day cooped up in the paddock.
It was the last sheep.
She was the one who leapt as high as my head,
and sent me flying backwards with a thump,
together with the pallet I was holding to act as a gate.
All fell on me.
But the good news is that the ground was soft,
which is a good thing,
because I only went down with a half a goodly thump.

I should be getting on with this....

..which is the Labartere milk production treadmill,
(cows milk on the left, goats milk on the right)
but I feel curiously weak.
I would take a nap,
but every time I shut my eyes
I 'see' the picture of a sheep jumping into me.
Not to worry,
it will pass.

We have spent the last two days trying to catch sheep, 
trying to catch goats,
trying to catch the calf.
We are sort of all animalled out.
We think we might have an early night
and start again in the morning.

Two of the geese banging on the doors of the Half Barn,
saying that it is supper time.

The rest waiting patiently...

.... please note that we still have Ducky,
he has obviously not gone into the pot yet,
although is still raging with the desire to procreate,
and any one of the geese  will do to practice on,
he thinks.


Denise said...

Blimey, Vera...hope you are resting up after your sheep wrestling. I did a bit of a wince on your behalf - those scrazes look a bit tender. I hope you have a suitable ointment to dab on them. X

Niall & Antoinette said...

Glad you're more or less ok and that the sheep didn't flatten you completely.
Take care.

BTW I've always been amazed at how high they can jump.

Vera said...

Denise, been too busy to pamper myself, but next Saturday (next weekend) I thought I might take time out and have a rest, for half an hour! No ointment, just asked for healing from the Universe!

Vera said...

Niall & Antoinette, I, too, am amazed at how much height they can jump if they have a mind to!

John Gray said...

You poor bugger

rusty duck said...

Oh Crikey Vera, hope all is well today. You won't have been counting sheep to get to sleep then ...

Those geese are funny :)

Vera said...

John, ....but you have had worse done unto you!

Jessica, the geese are funny, so perhaps to count them to get to sleep!

Rhodesia said...

Ooops, looks like you have had a rough time of it. You amaze me how you just pick yourself up and keep going, guess there is not really a choice but still. Take it easy when you can and don't overdo it. Diane

Kev Alviti said...

I remember drenching some sheep once, years ago, and my little cousin who must have been about 4 at the time was watching us. Suddlenly the whole fence collapsed and sheep went running everywhere (and my dad running and swearing after them). One sheep cleared my cousin whilst he just stood there. He looked at my father and me and said in a quiet voice "He knocked my hat off". We didn;t tell my aunty that story though!
Glad your injuries aren;t too serious. Bloody sheep!

Leon and Sue Sims said...

Try falling off a bike in body hugging lycra at 40 plus kph.
Ooooh that hurts. But my mates just said "Toughen the %$*& up". Nasty people those cyclists.
Dare I say Vera, and you may never forgive me but I suspect that they might just be carpet burns.
OK - the only excuse for such crassness is that I'm Orstrayan.
Get better quick.
Leon (not Sue)

Vera said...

Leon (not Sue) oooooh, ouch! My sheep barge was nothing to you falling off your bike! But it has been the mild concussion which has proved to be the problem, but listen.... did not your lycra body suit not protect you from road-made carpet burns? Would lycra have prevented me from the wooden-pallet-and-sheep-made carpet burns? But then would I want to squeeze my 'curves' into a lycra body suit? And would the wearing of such an item make the neighbours think I am even more off the wall that what they originally thought? I shall continue mulling over such matters as I retire to me bed to sleep off my concussion!

Vera said...

Diane, am defo not 'keeping going' today! Am off to bed in a minute!

Ken, oh dear, sheep! They are so docile most of the time, but then get so panicky when required to do something they don't want to be involved in doing! Did your aunt ever find out?

Jean said...

Crikey Vera, that was frightening to read, glad you are not more badly hurt.
Still one day you will have your revenge....with a few new potatoes and some mint sauce, I hope!