Saturday, 8 June 2013

Orange, it is Orange again!

So there we were, two days ago, in the sun...
the Home Field had finally dried up after the last flooding a couple of weeks ago, 
and all the animals, 
cow and calf, 
sheep and lambs,
goats and goatlings,
geese and goslings,
all went out on the field for the day. 
Just as well, because the grazing on Side Field is minimal now, 
after all, they have been solidly grazing it for a couple of weeks.

We had a phone call last night:
sheep to be sheared this afternoon providing it did not rain.
It did.
And what a surprise,
We are under Orange alert for flooding again. 
Crikey but it goes on and on this year,
It is not usual,
It is not normal,
That is what all the locals are saying.

We had to go and rescue Bonny and her mum Elise from the rain.
They are delicate creatures, cows. 
At least ours are.

Bonny has the unfortunate habit of going on strike in mid stride.
Down she goes, flattening herself on the ground
including her head and neck. 
She will not budge.
We have to physically haul her to her feet,
meanwhile she is pushing herself down into the ground.
She did this as we tried to rescue her from the rain,
shame that her moment of going on strike
coincided with Lester trying to her out of the hedge.
Both he and she got muddy and wet.
Not to worry,
we got her and her mum into the barn eventually.

Bonny was shivering,
I grabbed a towel from the clean pile of laundry,
and we rubbed her down.
And then Elise virtually did a moo-growl at us.
Most intimidating it was.
With her head lowered, and speaking in that tone of voice,
we thought she was going to charge us.

Lester said that perhaps I should use a different towel next time.
Lester said that red is not a good colour to flash in front of cows.
I said that the towel was terracotta.
Lester said that it was as near to the colour red as made no difference.

Goats milking twice a day giving two litres of milk.
Cow milking once a day, giving one litre and a bit.

That is a lot of milk coming into the kitchen.

Not to worry, 
am going to have a go at making a cheddar cheese tomorrow.
Also have a dish of cream,
so perhaps butter?

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