Friday, 7 June 2013

One litre.....

This is our first litre of cow's milk.
It came from Elise.
Bonny, her calf, was put in the small stall beside her, 
although Elise does not agree with the separation, 
because she has been complaining all night. 

After milking the goats last night,
Lester said that he thought we ought to start milking Elise.
I did not.
I was tired.
But we did.

Without rope or halter, 
Lester encouraged Elise to stand long enough to be milked.
The bucket of grain helped.
I was impressed by his calmness and persistency,
his lack of tension.
I just waited to be kicked.

It is nice to be constantly surprised by one's partner.


Horst in Edmonton said...

Super glad to hear that the first milking went so well. You have a wonderful cow there. Elise is very calm and happy to have your hubby milk her. My experience at milking a fresh cow was somewhat different. I'm very glad that Lester's first experience at milking Elise went so well.

rusty duck said...

It has pride of place, there on the dresser.
How funny to think that a week ago you had no idea that you would have it!

Jean said...

And, as Rusty Duck says, a week ago you had no idea that there would be a litre of milk from your own cow.
What will you do with it, I wonder? After you have admired it and marvelled at it for a while............

Vera said...

Horst, Elise is very obliging at letting Lester milk her. Not sure if she will stay so accommodating though!

Jessica, you are right. Last week I was slowly winding down from having milk coming into the kitchen on a daily basis, and thinking that the next time I shall fresh milk is next year!

Jean, a litre is just the start! We only take a little drop because she has her calf to feed! Haven't the foggiest idea what I am supposed to do with it all, but will search on YouTube for ideas. Cheese, though, definitely!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Vera, don't forget you can now separate the cream from the milk. Cheese is also a great thing to make. Milk is also a great thing to drink. Great for our aging bones. Have a wonderful weekend.

Leon and Sue Sims said...

I'm more impressed that Lester surprised you. The occasional surprise from a partner is what makes a good partnership, isn't it?

Vera said...

Horst, the cream obligingly floats on the surface of the cow's milk doesn't it! Makes it easier to get to! Can make soft cheese, so next to do is hard cheese. We haven't been drinking much milk because I have been saving it for other things, but now we can because we have three litres a day coming in to the kitchen.

Leon and Sue, I find it a magic thing that Lester still has the capacity to surprise me even after fourteen years of being together, and he still, even now, makes my heart do a flip!

Niall & Antoinette said...

Oh how nice to hear your 1st milking went well.
So what will you do with the milk? Ice cream? or cheese?