Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tripping off with wheelbarrow

(This accompanies 'BBQ au naturelle', Aug 2009, over at Jumbly Gardening)

A BBQ. Down on our river beach. That was today's project. But uno problemo: lots of stuff, how to get it all down there.

Aha! Idea arrives: wheelbarrow it down!

So, wood in first, 'borrowed' from the pile out back which is an accumulation of all the wood both old and new which has been associated with our house renovation. Next some kindling: easy - loads of dried grass floating about. Spare sandals for messing about in the river: put on handle. Next, food and towels and stuff relevant to our BBQ food requirements. Put onto wood pile already on barrow. Ah ha! All slid off when barrow was moved.

Another idea! Use the sunbed as a platform for these items. Done! Sundry items loaded on. Bed folded over to keep all in place. Sort of.

Recruitees needed to give life to the wheels of the wheelbarrow. Daughter Karen and grandson Tom provide necessary muscle power.

Unfortunately some of the recruitees ran out of puff when they arrived at the beach:

But not to worry, energy was soon restored, and the barrow was unpacked.

I meanwhile took over the role of photo-shooter, which required of me the effort of sitting on my posterior, which unfortunately has not been quite the same since, due to the various shapes and sizes of the river stones upon which it was perched.

Meanwhile the fire was made (See 'BBQ au naturelle' Aug 2009 over on Jumbly Gardening) and roared into life, attended by chief firestoker Jack, whilst Bools messed about with Fleur in the river, or rather, tried to as much as she would let him.

Lazily we passed the time watching the smoke and flames engulf the food, cooking some of it, not cooking some of it, blackening and charring the other bits. It tasted great!

With all the wood and food all gone, time to go. The barrow received its going-home load, we received a smattering of midge bites, had fullish tums, and another cargo of memories. Fleur sits in the background, hoping we will let Bools back into the water so she can scramble his head again by teasing him to pieces.

Things I have learnt today: That memories are like honey: full of sweetness and goodness. When one needs a sugar-rush one can dip into the jar of honey. When one needs picking up, one can dip into memories. But unlike a jar of honey, which will eventually become empty, memories fill a reservoir in one's heart that can never be emptied away. Memories are priceless.


DUTA said...

It seems your precious guests are quite enjoying themselves at your place in south of France. I can imagine the BBQ was delicious.

The pictures are gorgeous. I've enlarged each one of them to get better acquainted with your lovely daughter and grandsons.

Vera said...

I feel privileged that you want to share the photos with me, and yes, they did enjoy their visit and returned back to the UK safely today.