Saturday, 15 August 2009

Camp Washing and Twirly Pipes

Loads been happening, so where do I start! First of all, a little bit of a downer happened on Wednesday morning when the donated top loading washing machine decided to keep receiving water, which it then promptly dispatched out through the exit pipe. In other words, it stopped working properly.

A few choice words exploded into the air, after which it was head down for a rummage under the tarps to excavate my Bruv's donated camping washer:

Now this was my life saver when we got here and was in use constantly from June up until December, when the other washing machine was donated. It has a few minor ailments but it still works and so has been asked to do few more washes. Hubs did say that he would buy me a new washing machine, but I always said that I would wait until we moved in the house before we did so.

So off we go again! But today I had an Idea. Why not use the water from the well instead of from the tap. How's that for a Self Sufficiency Off Grid Idea! Not only that, but I had filled two dustbins with water from the well last night, and it has been so hot today, that the water is warm enough to put straight into the little tub. Normally I would heat about three kettles of water to get it to a lukewarm temperature, but not today. In fact I had a moment's fantasy about getting into the remaining dustbin which is still full of water, and having a stand-up bath. I would have done as well, only the bins are out front and in full view of all passing traffic both in the lane and on the Plaisance road. So, perhaps not such a good idea! Ah well...... my daughter is coming over for a few days and is staying in a gite up the road, and I have mentally booked myself into getting a shower there.

But I really do feel quite proud of myself in my self sufficiency endeavours aka the washing machine. It uses less water for a start even if I use tap water, and it is good for my arm-reduction because carrying the water cans to and fro is a good weight lifting exercise. Plus I get to have an empty washing basket. When using an automatic machine I always have washing hanging around waiting to be washed because I will only use the machine when I have a full load.

However, my good natured regard for my little twin tub washer has been promoted by the builders unexpectedly arriving yesterday:

And this is what they did:

Whooppeeee! The floor! Not in all of the house, just in the pantry, bathroom, and hall. And can you see the twirl of hose coming out of the wall on the right? (You might have to inflate the picture!). No! Not the big twirl. The little twirl beside it! And that, my dear friend, is where my eventual washing machine is to go!

So I can hold onto the task of camp washing, because there is twirly pipework which says that at some point in the future I will be back to having piles of laundry waiting to be done!

Things I have learnt: That when one does not expect things to move forward and one works hard at being happy with the moment, that moving forward can suddenly take one by surprise!

And to finish off: the halfbarn ceiling is now almost done.

Now all that needs to be done is the seams to be covered, the lights to be fitted, then painted. Now must dash back to my washing machine, sending a happy thought out to my Bruv on the way.


DUTA said...

Hi Vera,
You've mentioned arm-reduction in your post. It seems a very useful exercise to carry heavy things in one's hands, but I'm afraid it gives no significant results as to arm muscle toning.
Congrats on he floor and on the ceiling! Things are moving.

Vera said...

Things are moving indeed, including some of the weight off my arms!