Thursday, 27 August 2009

Introducing The Towers

And here be the left hand Tower, beside the chimney.

And here be the left hand Tower and the right hand Tower all in a row, with the chimney betwixt them. Et voila: Our roof!

I can't say anymore really, other than Phew! It's been a long time coming! Oh I know that there is still fresh air above our heads, as can be seen by the moon making its appearance in the lower photo, but the Towers will support the main beams on the left hand side of the house. I don't know what the builders are going to do with the right hand side. I think the left and right sides were originally two houses because they are build differently. Anyway, we have trust in our Spanish / French builders and are confident that they know what they are doing.

But I must away. My head is minus any more words and is going to go on strike at any moment!

Things I have learnt: That coming through the new gates on the porch makes me feel like I am coming into a hallowed area: all sanctuary-like. And that is despite the builders and their equipment being on site.
That harvest time is an exciting and busy time, and a promise to myself to be more organised next year.
That I am not to worry if the French language seems to have evacuated itself from out of my head. Lots going on here, which is chewing up head space. So to be patient with myself meanwhile.
That making lists helps keep one's head organised when thoughts are dog-fighting each other in one's head.
That I am not the person I was this time last year, and that all the accumulated experiences have helped me continue to grow as a person. That it is wonderful to see the same thing happening with my partner.
That I have promised myself not to get a miserable and bitter person, like so many are.
That I am constantly surprising myself by me.

May the light shine in your life.


DUTA said...

Vera, your building a house and a life on a new and foreign territory rises admiration in me for you and your husband. I'm sure the project is going to be very successful.

May the light shine in your life too.

Vera said...

Thankyou Duta. Making a new life is indeed hard work but when I think of how our old life was back in the UK, well.... there is no turning back, only going forward. 'When care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must but don't you quit'. This line of a poem has just sprang into my mind. I think it is indicative of how not to give up.