Thursday, 6 August 2009

Fleur banned, buildery update, summer storms.

Update: Fleur banned!
She is such a seductress of a dog, and if a human female would have probably been locked up or earnt a fortune selling her favours. Since Boolie is male and intact, her female ways end up by tangling his head up in knots. In other words, he doesn't know who he is or with whom his allegiances lie.

So what he does is this: when she isn't here he sits outside the gate and watches for her. All the day he will do this. In effect, he has become fixated.

To un-fixate him we have to tie him up on his lead inside the courtyard, or put him in the bedroom caravan for an hour or so. This seems to give his head time to unscramble. But most of all he is a danger to himself. You see, we have roads on two of our borders.

This morning, round the back field we went. Lingered at the river's edge which was cut yesterday by the local municipality hommes in their tractor which can cut everything. Grass, brambles, shrubs, baby trees, etc. It is a fearsome instrument of destruction and has cut a large swathe of bank, clearing it of brambles, nettles, young trees (which we wanted to keep!). So now we have a bank directly off our field.
And here is the view to the left, under the bridge.

And to the right, where our river beach is.....

I had a moment or two of quietness, then off along the bottom end of the field, parallel to the road. Boolie was stopped ahead. Dead still. A statue he had become. As I drew close I looked across the road. Fleur, the temptress, was sitting coyly on the other side of the road. She oozed sex.

I heard a car approaching from across the bridge. I saw Boolie partially un-statue himself, and stiff-legged tiptoe across the road. I called him. Deaf-headed he had become. The car was now visible. I crossed the road to get Boolie. Fleur had meanwhile moved off down the lane which is at right angles to the road. Bools was nose to her rump. Taking him away, that is what she was doing.

The car beeped at me. I was in the way. "Sorry" I mouthed at the driver. Claudine heard the commotion. Came out of her Chambre d'hote which was beside me. We had a chat. Don't know what about particularly. She is the only one here who gives us no quarter in regards to not being able to converse fluently in French. Everyone else breaks up the sentences into small portions for us. Claudine doesn't. One day we will fox her and meet her as linguistic equals. Not for now though. But I think she is tired from her busy summer of visitors, has offered us some cucumbers, had trouble with her pump, and wasn't wearing a bra which I absolutely sure I interpreted correctly because she flipped her bosoms up and down.

Meanwhile I was calling Bools, who knew by my tone of voice, that I was not amused. He went down in a low crouch. Fleur was nowhere to be seen. Scarpered off. I went and got him. I was cross.

So Fleur will be discouraged from coming here and seducing Bools. No doubt she will stay away for a few days, then back she will come again. She is persistent. But when she comes into season, she will not come and ask for Bools to service her. Oh no! Off down the lane she will go, and get herself pregnant by a scrappy little black dog. Then off to the vets she will be taken for the doggy equivalent to the 'morning after' pill. All she does is practice her feminine doggy ways with Bools and tease his head to pieces!

Update: The Builders:
They came in yesterday, dropped off plastic sheeting and steel mesh for the house floors, then went. But said everyone on holiday, pow-wow soon with the plumber and electrician to sort out where everything is to go, and where do we want the toilet, shower, washing machine, sink, etc. They didn't seem to mention the 'roof' word.

The lighting cables have been put in the roof of the half barn by our French electrician. Now the plasterboard can be put up.

Generally, slowly, we are moving forward with the re-build. It occurred to us yesterday, that when all is done, that we will virtually have the equivalent to a new-build house, but with old walls.

Update: The weather:
Changing by the day. Autumn is on the way. The light changed last Friday. Suddenly there was a rich mellowness to the sunshine and we could feel the seasonal change. It was magic.

We are into the time of summer storms now. Last night we sat outside in the dark and watched the lightning flashes coming towards us. It was magic. Then it rained, and that too was magic. At least the caravan awning was covered by a replacement tarp, so everything would stay dry.

Today we are going to steam-cook. It is hot, as ever, and the sun is going to pull the moisture back up to the sky which the rain clouds deposited last night. Which means that our energies are going to be zilch because the air is going to laden with water. Not to worry though. Have lots to do with my web site so can utilize this steamy heat to do so.

As ever, life is good down here in SW France.


DUTA said...

It's amusing to read about seduction in the doggy world . You relate this in a light, humorous way.

On another matter, with the "professionals": builders, electricians,plumbers, you'll need lots of patience and tough nerves.

I'm very glad for you that "life is good here in SW France.

Vera said...

Patience can wear thin and our nerves can get stredded Duta, but I have no doubt that in the future we look back at these times with fond and loving memories. I'm glad you liked the doggy-tales!