Sunday, 9 August 2009

Photo-shooting the house!

Just thought I would show you how we are getting on with our home. Or rather, how the builders are getting on. And here is the toilet and shower. OK! So actually toiletless and showerless at the moment, but the outlet holes have been made through the thick walls so that's a start. Have decided on separate loo and shower room downstairs, mostly because Lester has a man's fantasy of being able to sit on the loo doing jobbies without anyone else being present.

I think it is the chats on the two porta potties which have encouraged this requirement. I think it is very chummy for one of us to be sitting on the number one's loo and the other to be sitting on the number two's loo, having a conversation throughout our individual loo-sessions. Our two porta potties are in the same toilet compartment of the bedroom caravan, by the way.

I think he is fed up with lack of contemplation space. I think he is pining for loo-privacy. I think he deserves to be given the reward for his efforts in getting our house into shape by receiving the pleasure of solo loo-ings in the future.

Of course a wall will have to be built to enclose the loo and shower. Because as one sits on the loo this is the view one will have if the builders do not finish the floors, or get the roof on.

But Johnathen is getting a move on with the ceiling of the half barn and it is half way to being finished.

There was some discussion as to whether or not to put a wall mid-way along the space, but I stamped quite heavily on the idea, thinking that the space needs to be kept clear because we don't know what the long term use is to be of this space. But it is coming along at a goodly pace.

Which cannot be said for my oven at this particular moment. For some reason it has gone on a go-slow. A new gas bottle has been inserted, but no. It is taking hours to get dinner cooked, and we are starving, it being nearly two hours past lunch time. So I am off to see if it is still unwilling to work on a Sunday, and am repeating to myself lots of the Hope word: I hope the builders manage to get here this week, I hope that we get some more rain after having had a few bucketfulls already today but we could do with a few bucketfulls more, I hope that my dinner gets cooked sometime soon because the vino that Christian donated to me a few days ago and which Lester has just given me a glass of just now has started to go to my head it being a fifteen percent proof vino and is absoloooooootly delicious and like drinking nectar from the Gods not that I have even drunk nectar from the Gods but you know what I mean and my tummy is outraged that the fuel it has been given today is two pieces of toast, a piece or two of shop-bought cake because I went on strike with cake baking, one cup of tea, one cup of coffee, a couple of sips of water and a goodly slug of 15% Spanish vino.

I am now going to see if I am going to be fed today. I hope I will be. The wine is definitely having odd reactions on me........ tottering away to the kitchen, I send you blessings of the day.


DUTA said...

It's good that you take things in a humorous way. Without humor it's very hard to overcome any difficulty.

As for the wine, I always say I like wine but wine doesn't like me. A drop of wine and I start falling asleep.

Vera said...

Moi aussi! Wine also has that effect on me too, Duta! It's great for getting me off to sleep as well!