Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Fabric stash, but no lambs?

This is what I have been doing........organising a seven metre length of 106 inch wide cotton fabric into two door curtains to hang in front of our front doors. The drop of the curtains is 2.25 metres. Thank goodness I have the fully extended plastic garden table to work on. I have two more sets of long curtains to make for the house, but they are patchwork so will take longer to make. These are good projects to be involved with as we go through the grey days of late January. No dawn for us this  morning, just the sun coming up with no grand entrance, as if it was saying, 'Well that's it, I'm here but don't expect anything of me today!'


No lambs so far this year. Normally most of our small flock would have little ones dancing around their feet by now, but so far none have appeared. We are wondering if the ram is done with the effort of producing young, but the ewes do look fat so we still hope for some youngsters to appear. Perhaps the mild and wet weather we have been having has made their fertility cycles go out of kilter.


The drive for my computer arrived today, so I might be off line for a few days. Smiling through gritted teeth! So looking forward to learning a new operating system and all the various programmes I shall need, but know it will be a steep learning curve, but excited anyway. 


I need to get my partner's trolley out of the barn and practice strapping my accordion on to it. I also need to have a go at wheeling it to and fro the van, and investigate how I am to lift the whole contraption into and out of  the van, because rehearsals start soon with the choir I played music with before Christmas.  Looking forward to that. They are a jolly band of minstrels, and we have fun. I shall also see the on coming springtime as I drive across lovely countryside to get to the rehearsal venue, just as I saw the on coming winter as the countryside slowly changed colour before Christmas. 

So, bye for now, 
In love and light,



Mama Pea said...

Ah yes, I've worked with l-o-n-g lengths and widths of fabric and it's no fun. When I did custom sewing for our local quilt shop (no longer in business :o( ), I did many, many duvet covers and the majority of them seemed to be king-sized.

I'm sure you will know soon whether your ewes are going to be mamas this time around or not. A week or two past their gestation times and . . .

Do you sometimes wonder if all the ups and downs, trials and tribulations we go through with our computers are worth it? But think of all we'd miss out on if we didn't have them in this day and age.

Such a creative and lovely thing to be talented enough to make music with others. I have absolutely no talent in that area, but do so enjoy listening to good music.

Denise said...

Lovely fabric, Vera! Very fresh. But I don’t envy you the wrangling to make it into curtains! Bonne chance!

DUTA said...

Playing music with the choir is really something exciting to look forward to.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Sorry, not sure if I just did a double post Vera! Hopeful for lambs, and music is always lovely. Something I can always lose myself in.

local alien said...

Good luck with those curtains. I made some for us that are about that length. The hems are ... Mmm not exactly straight. I hang another, commercially made, in the middle so it looks ok.
Good luck with the lambs and the music .

Vera said...

MAMA PEA, ah, computers! Mine is so much part of my life that I would feel quite lost without it. As for those curtains...... I am not going to line them....I don't think I could manage the weight of the combined lining and curtain fabric! There is something about playing music with other does lift the soul! Still no lambs!

DENISE, the curtains are easy to make because they are cotton. I think they shall look just right up against the front doors!

DUTA, playing music is very uplifting, but I prefer the rehearsals rather than the concerts, because you can let yourself go when you don't have an audience!

TOIRDHEALBHEACH BEUCAIL, thank you for the two posts! Lambs still not here, and you are right, music is always lovely providing it is played from the heart, and I can listen to any genre of music if it is played as an extension of the soul of the player / singer, and that includes Heavy Metal!

LOCAL ALIEN, I don't suppose my hems will be straight either, but they are DIY curtains so any mistakes will make them look less commercially made!