Saturday, 30 April 2016

What are you doing on Sunday?

Well, it being May 1st,
we are going to be outside in a field,
playing music with Etceltera,
that is what we are doing
on Sunday May 1st.
And this morning, the last day of April, 
 we opened the doors to go outside to cut grass for the pigs and cows,
and it was horrid,
large winds, sleeting sharp showers,
and a chilliness in the wind which said
 'Best stay indoors today'.
And I thought of how it might be tomorrow,
when we stand in a field playing music,
if those winds blow,
(and away into the wind will go the sheet music)
and a sleety shower happens along,
( now that will mess the electric sound system up )
and if the chilliness persists,
( not too worried about that, I am still in winter thermals )
And so why are we doing this gig,
and I use the word 'gig' with relish.
We are not a celeb band,
and probably never will be with me playing in it,
so no Wembley Stadium for us,
but we are going to be playing in a field,
and that is good enough for me.
And so why are we doing this gig?
I am not sure.
I know the band will get fed,
and I know that there will be hand crafting people there,
spinners and such like,
and that sheep will get sheared,
and that there is a market of local food producers,
so I suppose it will be a country fair type of venue,
and that will do for me,
because we shall be playing for the people coming along.
 Estang, France,
on the
1st May 2016
there will be a
Journeé du mouton
( Day of the Sheep)
Tonte des moutons a partir de 10h
( Shearing of the sheep to start at 10am )
Marché des producteurs
( Farmers' Market )
Métiers anciens
( Old crafts )

Restauration a base de mouton
( Couldn't translate that!)

Annulation en cas d'intempéries
( Cancellation of bad weather)
Hope this 'all over the place' weather calms down.
Hope we are able to play.
I think it will be celebration of local country life.
It will be good to share this life,
which is slowly being eroded by the onward march of consumerism.
Hope to see you there,
but wear sturdy shoes,
it is an 'open air in a field' type of venue after all!
 Bye for now,


DUTA said...

Your first of May looks very promising: a day of fun and entertainment with rural activity at its best.
We're going to have a very dry, hot 1 of May, so one better stays inside, except of course, those who participate in the annual International Worker's Day parade.

Vera said...

DUTA, I don't think I could cope with playing in very hot sunny weather, I think me and my piano accordion would wilt! Hope you have a good day.

Cro Magnon said...

Our rather similar day is on the 15th. I shall neither be singing nor playing my penny whistle; in fact I shan't go at all. It's exactly the same year after year, and it usually rains; as it did yesterday.

Vera said...

CRO MAGNON, I wouldn't go either if it not for the fact that we are playing the music for the event! No rain forecasted, but it will be muddy underfoot because of the rain we had yesterday.

PioneerPreppy said...

I would go to hear you play and attempt to find that mythical bagpiper you speak about.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

If I were closer I would come!

Vera said...

LISA,....and you would be most welcome!

PIONEER PREPPY,.....the bagpipe person did happen along, and blasted our ears out with his bagpiping noise!

Kirsty Udall said...

Hey Vera, I nominated you today for the Liebster blog awards on my latest post, I love reading of your adventures. I hope the weather gets sorted for you too, it's all over the place here too, it was 4 degrees yesterday and 18 degrees today.

Kerry said...

Sounds a very interesting day, love these local events x

Rhodesia said...

Hope all went well and that you did not get wet. Have a good weekend Diane