Saturday, 9 April 2016

The fall apart bale...

They couldn't help themselves,
as soon as the straw started unfurling as it was pushed to where it was supposed to go they were on it. As in in the manner of all chickens everywhere,
they could not resist getting involved with things they shouldn't get involved with.
And the dogs didn't help.
It was the mice, that is what was revving the dogs up,
who were encouraged to be more revved up by the chicks I spoke about in yesterday's blog,
who were hot footing after the mice,
with the dogs hot footing after them.
No one got damaged though, apart from several mice, who are now being digested.

The Pyrenees mountains sending us up some rain clouds.
Wish it had properly rained, or not. This 'might or might not' type of weather is frustrating. Do one thing or the other, but not tease us.
And the nest up in the tree on the right hand side of the photo...
that belongs to the perishing magpies.
We know they are back in situ because we are starting to find half eaten eggs here and there,
our eggs, not theirs.
Lester has a gun license.
He also has a gun.
I am not saying any more.
He probably won't, but it is nice to think that he can.
It's past midnight,
so I must away to my bed.
Bye for now,


PioneerPreppy said...


I used to keep a vermin score card on my blog but too many readers got offended and unfollowed me every time I added a new silhouette. I think I was up to 6 rabbits, a skunk, a raccoon and 2 possum.

Cro Magnon said...

I've always rather liked Magpies, I see them as a sort of European Parrot. Having said that, we do have an awful lot of them suddenly.

DUTA said...

Cloudiness is not 'my cup of tea' either.
May Lster never have to use his gun!

Vera said...

PIONEER PREPPY, folk are very squeamish nowadays so there are several subjects I don't write about either!

CRO MAGNON, we don't seem to have as many here this year so perhaps they have moved northwards!

DUTA, we are on a farm so I expect that the gun will get used occasionally, but only when absolutely necessary. As for unsettled cloudy weather, it just makes me want to sleep!

Dawn McHugh said...

Yes its a shame we cant write about the real world we live in, we got up to snow this morning whats that about :-)

Vera said...

DAWN, we have got really cold here as snow but cold, wet, and windy. Have lit the fire! As for the true reality of our world, ....I think most folk don't have a clue!

My Life in the Charente said...

It is much colder here now as well and lots of drizzle though we did have heavy rain on Thursday while in Angouleme. We have a neighbour who removes the magpies around here but even so there is the odd one I see! Have a good weekend Diane

Vera said...

DIANE, hope you have a good weekend too......according to Meteo the temperatures are due to go upwards by the end of the week. I won't mention the thunder storms which were also forecasted!

Horst in Edmonton said...

On the farm you need at least one .22 caliber riffle. you can have dog packs visit you, dog packs can kill farm animals and even people, dropped off by those squeamish city folks, same with cats. pretty soon you have 20 or more cats running around and causing problems. They won't get rid of themselves. So a farmer has to go and do the dirty deed and shoot them, because if you get too close they will attack you.

Vera said...

HORST, there are no dog packs here, but there used to be lots of feral cats on the property before we came here but disappeared when we arrived. If any of our animals get taken it is by wild animals, like foxes or pine martins, which is why we are securely fenced, apart from the chickens and we are sorting that out.

Kerry said...

Our weather has been all over the place to, one minute drizzle then beautiful sunshine. Hopefully it will settle down soon.