Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Bunch of Bunnies.

One bunny, which has just been rescued from under the rabbit hutch after it fell out in a topsy turvey heap when the door of the cage was opened.

.... and here are the rest, at least ten.
There were more but they were found beheaded by their mum just after they were born.
Don't know why she did that, she just did.
Rabbits are the sweetest things to look at, but my goodness they are ruthless when it comes to their young. Lester has often had to pick up remnants of baby rabbits after the mum has had a set to and killed the lot.
I am not going to say any more on the subject of rabbits,
just to say that three adult rabbits are in the freezer,
and they weighed in at 1.5 kgs each.
Been a divinely dozy day here,
with the Rayburn lit since morning because the weather has been cold, wet, and not nice.
If it had been January, then we would not have felt inconvenienced by the weather and only lit the Rayburn late afternoon, but it is April after all, so expectations are that we should be having warmer weather, which we should be getting at the end of the week (won't mention the thunder storms which are also forecasted), meanwhile we indulged ourselves by having the fire lit.
The Rayburn cooked lunch on its stove top,
did not like being asked to bake scones in its oven,
but did enthusiastically cook a chunk of frozen pork for lunch tomorrow.
Signing off for now,


John Gray said...

i hate rabbit
I had a nasty experience with a half cooked one in malta

PioneerPreppy said...

It better bake the scones and like it I say!!!

Vera said...

JOHN, that would have put you off for life I should think.

PIONEER PREPPY, you are right. I should be more strict with the Rayburn about it's lack of enthusiasm about cooking certain foods in its oven!

Jean said...

Baby rabbits are cute to look at but they are a mixed blessing. They found ways to get into our veg plot in the UK and ate more than we did! Rabbit stew is delicious.

Vera said...

JEAN, we don't have wild rabbits here so don't get raided by them, but our veg garden is being raided by the chickens and geese at the moment. Good job that no new veg is planted in there at the moment otherwise they would all be heading for freezer as well!

The Broad said...

A mother decapitating her newborn -- that's food for thought as well as tummies!

Dawn McHugh said...

we dont have wild rabbits around here thank goodness we have talked about raising some for the table but not just yet

Vera said...

THE BROAD, they do, they really do, tear apart their babies. Once I saw this I stopped thinking of the rabbit as the most cutest animal going!

DAWN, you would probably do better with rabbits because I don't think you suffer mosquitoes like we do. Mozzies carry myxomatosis which killed off all our rabbits a couple of years ago. We breed during the winter because of this. Coccidiosis is another nuisance, but we give our rabbits medicine from the vet (a few drops in their water) whenever the infection occurs. But all in all, Lester thinks rabbits are worth keeping because of the quality of the lean meat and I would agree with him.

Kirsty Udall said...

Rabbits seem like a good source of meat. Every time I see a rabbit in the garden though they are in the final throws of Myxie so I'm not sure it's such a good idea. I certainly didn't know that mummy rabbits could be so vicious to their babies though.

Vera said...

KIRSTY, rabbit meat is indeed a good source of meat, and lean too. I wouldn't eat rabbits from the wild though because of myxie.

Kev Alviti said...

I keep considering getting meat rabbits but the wild ones put me off because of mixie. The local butcher has said he'd buy them off me though.

Vera said...

KEV, we have only had myxie once, and that was after a very heavy infestation of mozzies, which are the carriers. We don't sell our meat, but if we needed the income we would probably have a go at selling rabbit. The meat is popular here, and a really scrawny rabbit sells for around 12 euros. The ones Lester recently put into the freezer were a plump 1.5 kgs each after they were prepped ready to go into the freezer. Skinning them does not take long and is much faster than getting the feathers off a chicken. All in all, we think that are worth persevering with.

Kerry said...

Love rabbit, such a tasty meat but hubby doesn't like all the little bones so we don't have it often. Hares are a problem here, they love digging up my garden.

Vera said...

KERRY, we don't find many small bones in the meat, but perhaps it is because our rabbits are left until they are a good size. No hares here, thank goodness, but used to have deer visiting us until we started getting the fencing up.