Sunday, 3 April 2016

Squeals, sqeaks, and other odd noises........

Squeals, squeaks, and other odd noises,
this, then, is what my voice has been reduced to.
It is as if I am trying to speak in a foreign language,
only not a human type of language,
but an extra terrestrial type of language,
as if an ET is trying to communicate,
so bits of words are present in the communication,
but the rest is made up of odd squealy noises.
And trying to sing, that is useless as well.
I aim for the right note,
the word is in my head that I want to tunefully sing,
but all that I end up with is a dreadfully off key noise.
Ah well,
c'est la vie,
My immune system took a slaughtering at the beginning of last week,
as an unknown germ bug hit on it,
down I went,
like a tree which has been axed,
Now I am at the end of the journey,
with the bug now received into the knowledge bank of my immune system,
so that if should it come visiting again it will be instantly killed off.
I am finding some energy to do things,
not a lot, though,
just little bits of activity
interspersed with long naps on the settee.
Hopefully my voice will be back to normal soon.
But the snake will not be never be the same again
after Lester chopped it's head off yesterday.
The snake was sprawled across the entire width of the barn door,
which Lester was needing to go through so he could get the cows in for the night.
He already had Lissie on the rope,
so what to do....
His voice being alright, he shouted for me,
but in my cold weakened state I did not feel up to the task of shifting the snake
so he could get through the door.
Swop, that's what we did,
me to hold the Lissie's rope,
while Lester did the deed.
He had not intended to kill the snake,
but when prodded, it turned and bit the handle of the spade.
I was very glad that we had swopped,
even though Lissie started prancing and dancing and pulling at the rope,
which made me afeared in case I ended up being dragged along on the ground
as she did one of her madcap gallops.
Thankfully the big bay tree was near by,
so she put her head in its perfumed greenness and munched away,
while Lester despatched the snake.
It would not have been a good thing if the snake had bit Lissie.
I am sure that she would have kicked up a hell of a fuss.
It was a shame the snake had to be killed,
and it was given the option to go away,
but it chose to fight....

Today the sun is shining again,
so one cannot stay despondent about silly things like cold bugs and a lost voice,
instead, I thought I would write this blog
while Lester is off to gun club to try out his new gun,
and then he has booked me in to help him fence the front garden this afternoon.
He has got this far....

so just the wire to be put up.

.... and looking across the lane to our side field,
with the sun shining through the young leaves of the trees,
making them all of a glow.

.... and the trees on the hill starting to wake up.
At this time of year I want to say 'slow down' to the forces of nature,
because Spring happens so fast here,
blink and you miss it!
Hope you have a lovely Sunday
wherever in the World you are,
bye for now,

Lissie is not standing quiet and docile.
If you enlarge the photo you can see that her eyes have gone all slitty,
and are not their normal size.
What she is doing is have a stand off with the ram.
She is being naughty, that's all.
In a few moments she will try to lock horns with him,
and he will respond by barging back at her.
They will then have a bit of a tussle,
just like two children needing to amuse themselves!


Dawn McHugh said...

So the bug made it across to France perhaps it fancied a holiday, the snake made me giggle I had a vision of you having been dragged from your sick bed squeaking trying to hold the cow while Lester fought the snake :-)

rusty duck said...

Get well soon Vera, glad you're on the mend. Spring will certainly put the spring back in your step!

DUTA said...

What a drama! 'All's well that ends well'.
However, Lester should have tried his new gun on the snake. It wouldn't have been wise to let it go as it might have come back unexpectedly and done who knows what damage.
Anyway, feel well soon! Take care of your voice and beware of the fickle weather!

PioneerPreppy said...


That's an unusual term :)

Vera said...

DAWN, the bug was probably portaged by one of the many English who go back and forth between the UK and France! As for your vision, it would have been quite close to the truth if Lester had not acted quickly to kill the snake and Lissie had not decided to fill herself up by eating the leaves of the bay tree!

JESSICA, Spring is flirting with us at the moment, which is a bit like my energy levels!

DUTA, Unfortunately he didn't have his new gun at the time the snake appeared, so the shovel had to do! And the weather is being very fickle at the moment, so I have stayed tucked up indoors.

PIONEER PREPPY, I do agree with you about 'Boof'. For some reason strange words pop into my head when I am writing....I am not sure if they are creative inventions or a result of a wobbly mind!

Jean said...

It sounds like you've been proper poorly. I hope you're now well on the mend.

Vera said...

JEAN, well it's the only cold I have had this winter, so I mustn't complain, and I probably needed a rest anyway!

Cro Magnon said...

It's probably the same bloody bug that laid us low recently. It's carried about by Ryanair. As for your snake, I do the same. I know I shouldn't but I really hate the things.

Horst in Edmonton said...

I bet your cold came from all those late nights playing at your gigs. To much fun has a habit of turning into a cold. I hope you feel better soon. ;-)

Vera said...

CRO MAGNON, crikey it was a nasty bug, wasn't it! Nice to know that you would have killed the snake as well. We did feel a bit guilty at the time, but have got over that and would do the same again, especially if we have animals nearby.

HORST, I think I picked up the cold from the one of the many people we have met when out playing music, ....not to worry, it was worth it!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

what a lovely day - those pictures are the very image of spring! that snake will never be the same again. ha! good on Lester! hope you are back to rights soon.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

At least it looks pretty! I hope that you feel better.

The Broad said...

Vera, isn't it funny/odd how whenever we pick up a bug we have to figure out where we got it from? I have been laid low myself the past few weeks with terrible cold sores and mouth welts that I have finally been able to get rid of -- almost. I think it started in Portugal in February! Anyway, I see Lester doesn't let anything keep you from Lissie coping and fence building! Glad to hear you are up and about again!

Vera said...

OHIOFARMGIRL, I am glad that the snake is no more, otherwise I would be endlessly looking out for it!

LISA, Thanks, and it does look pretty!

THE BROAD, oh I do hope that you are feeling better as well. And in the manner of most men....if he can involve me with something that he is doing, then he will. But if I try and involve him with what I am doing, then he seems to find something 'very urgent' to do elsewhere!

Rhodesia said...

I am sad about the snake but it sounds that you did not want to kill it really either.
Think there is a horrible bug going around even our Dr has been off ill! Nigel had it but so far I have escaped this one so long may it continue that way. Everyone seems to be complaining about the horrible cough that goes with it so I certainly do not want it. After 5 years of coughing and specialists could not solve the problem I don't need a repeat. The Italian Dr eventually got the better of it when we went on a cruise in 2013.
Get better soon but do not overdo it. Take care Diane

Vera said...

DIANE, it was risk the snake biting Lissie or letting the snake take its time to get away while Lissie was being difficult because she does not like being on the rope!
Hope you don't catch the bug. It's not too bad, been just over a week and I am now on the tail end of it. I probably needed a rest anyway! Fisherman's Friends (they are a cough sweet often found near the check outs of the supermarkets) seem to be doing the trick, especially at night. Now regained half my voice!

Kerry said...

A bit belated but I hope you're feeling better now x

Vera said...

KERRY, thanks.