Thursday, 10 March 2011

An increase in numbers

It has been a bit of a trudge, but the end of Winter has now arrived, even if Winter still has a grumble and says it doesn't want to go, it still has to leave because Spring is elbowing her way in. The birds are singing, the frogs are croaking, the fruit trees are blossoming, and soon my thermal vest will be removed and the electric blanket will be switched off.

And today I had my usual soap-and-flannel-in-a-bowl wash, and today, oh today, wonderful today, I didn't get goosebumps anywhere at all!

Now I am not a tease, so I will now give you some info about our new ones.

So what happened was this:

Last year we saw some Tam piglets for sale, didn't buy them, but kept in touch with the owner, who emailed me to say that new piglets had arrived and would we like a couple. So off Lester went, half way up France, to go fetch them. In the car. That's all the transport we had, our campervan having died on us, and our battered old trailer having been kept by the garage to which Lester had taken it to be given the once over and the Frenchmen who were going to give it the once over split their sides laughing at the state it was in and refused to let Lester have it back again because it was too dangerous they said and only fit to be given to the waste metal man when next he called.

So  a plan was needed, and that was to go get some wood to make a transport box which would be small enough to fit on the back seat of the car but big enough to take the two girls and this entailed going to the local DIY shop and getting them to measure the car door and then cut up some wood of suitable size to make the box are you following me?

Anyway, box done, and Hubs duly waived off at four in the morning with the box in the back cushioned all around with duvets and pillows, and on the front seat some sarnies, maps, choccy, cheesie biscuits, and travel instructions.

I was left to get on with my day. Which I did after first having gone back to bed, waking up at half past nine, which is an hour later than I should have woken up because I was now in charge of all at Labartere. However, 'all' seemed to be conspiring to let me have a lie-in, because the sheep were quiet, the Tams were still asleep, and the chickens had given up sitting on the front door step and had cleared off to do a raid on the veg plot.

A very tired Hubs arrived back home early evening, together with those two. Aw! Bless! They were all tired after their journey.

Anyway, have to close now, as it is time for bed, and I am going over to the caravan to switch the electric blanket on, even though it is not particularly cold tonight. x

And two little Tam girls saying hi and bye!


Jean said...

How cute !! And they're !!

Jean said...

PS forgot to say - loved the video.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Great video and good to hear your voice, you sound exactly like a friend of mine! The piglets are really cute and I loved the way they buried their heads under the straw ostrich like LOL. Looking forward to following their story and hopefully in time their babies. Take care and keep warm. Diane

Roz said...

You are mad as a box of frogs Vera - I did laugh watching your knee ascend the breeze block wall!! Also nice to see someone else is as badly in need of a manicure as me!!! All your babies are lovely xxxx

Ken Devine said...

They speak do the cocks and dogs :)
It was great to hear your voice and watch the video.

Vera said...

Roz: Glad I made you laugh, and yes, my nails do need a manicure. They are blue rimmed at the moment, after I sprayed the fruit trees with bordeaux, or something like! Have to keep the nails short as well because of playing the piano, but they get chipped and broken anyway so it is useless trying to grow them. Working hands, that our hands are!

Ken: Thanks for visiting and hope you are well.

Vera said...

Jean! Forgot you up at the top of the Comments. Soooo sorry! The girls are actually rusty red colour, but have pink bums, just like a baby's! Glad you like the video, and thanks for stopping by.

Diane: Piggies are cute, aren't they! Hope you are well, and not too tired with everything which is going on for you at the moment. x

DUTA said...

Welcome to the new piglets! Real cuties, these two!
I also like the doggies wandering in the yard.
I do not like..your cough. Take some honey to relieve it.
You're very good with the video. Keep up the good work, as they say.

Vera said...

I don't like my cough either, Duta, and will take your advice about honey. Thanks also for your encouragement about making the vids and will keep posting them up.

John Gray said...

loved your video..those gates are to die for as are the piglets.....


where are u originally from vera?
I am a typicalnortherner so am terrible with english accents but you sound like my father in law, who is from kent!

Vera said...

You guessed right, John! I am indeed from Kent, originally Dartford, and then on to the Isle of Sheppey for a number of years.

We put those gates in a couple of years ago, and they replaced the planks of wood which served as the original gate, one side of which had fallen down so we only had half a gate!

Hope you are well, and that your Bruv is doing OK.

Anonymous said...

Hello there Vera,
Super video, and fun to hear your voice and see your knees!!! I lived in Orpington and Sidcup for a while so your accent brought back happy memories of school days.
Yes, the pigs are cute, but what is worrying me is have you got enough sage and onion for them.
Have a good Sunday,
Ondine xx

Vera said...

Ondine: I have a small sage bush growing in the garden, and onions we grow as well. By the time the piggies are producing offspring we should have enough sage and onion to stuff as many of those offspring who end up in our freezer! Hope you are having a good weekend.