Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I am seeting 'ere wiv de plonk

Should be choir rehearsal this evening down in Maubourget village, but at 6 pm I did a crash landing on the settee, and that was that. Moi was deado to the world for nearly an hour which meant no time to get ready for the rehearsel.

Not sure why that happened. Could have been the digging I have been doing out in the front garden, or the de-weeding I have been doing out in the veg plot, or the moving of loads of electric fence posts out in the Front Field so the sheep can get some good grass to munch on, or the trundling of the wheel barrow from front to back loaded with hay for the big piggies, or emptying the Side Barn of stuff, or shooing the chickens away from their determined efforts at getting into the house whenever the door is opened, .......... and so the list of things to do goes on!

So Hubs had a need to pop into Plaisance for some plonk, and delivered unto me a bottle of Bailey's. And a bar of choccie. Oh yummy yums. Sometimes, just sometimes, there is a need to indulge one's self.

I would offer you a piece of choccy but I have eaten it all up. And the Bailey's is off limits to all except moi.

Ummm. A thought. Was my crash onto the settee brought about by the removal, yes I repeat, the removal, of my thermal vest yesterday. Not only that, but such was the heat of the sun and myself that I saw fit to change into a sleeveless summer top. No vest. No layers of clothing. Just one little vest top. Ahha! Must be more careful in future. Now where is my medicine........just one little sip then off to bed for an early night in the hopes that I would have finished being crashed by morning time and will be able to spring out of bed with the verve and energy which living on a smallholding in France requires of one if one is going to get through the endless tasks of the day.

Must mention before I go, that the White Cockerel is not interred beneath the Oak tree, and that we have a new cockerel, who unfortunately seems to have a bit of a prob with his throat because it sort of has a gargly, wheezy sound whenever he tries to speak. Made a blessing for him, so hope the prob clears up soon for him. He is a Buff Orpington and quite big. If he manages to stay well, then we hope to have some good sized offspring from him eventually. He is certainly managing to do his job in that department, although has less energy than Whitey had.

The girls are quieter now that Whitey has become no more, calmer and more sedate somehow. Unless the small black cockerel is around. Then everyone is on their guard because he is ever so willing to help out with the procreative duties required of cockerels. We hope to keep him, though. He is a handsome black devil of a bird, and has behaviour to match.

Anyways, that's all for now.

Message to self: One Baileys at any one time must be the rule. Any more and the bottle will empty quicker.

That it is OK to stop every now and then, even if it means missing choir practice.

That eating one whole bar of choccy is a bit over the top, and maybe half a bar would have been sufficient.

And stop thinking about how much there is to do, but focus on how much we have done.

Remember to count my blessings before I go to sleep each night, because I have a whole sackful which sometimes I forget that I have.



Tommo said...

Removal of thermals is always the first sign of spring. Ooh, you girlies and your choccies and Baileys! Euuugh! Us proper chaps much prefer a pate sarnie with cornichons and a laaarge scotch.

Vera said...

Hello Tommo: Lester would totally agree with you although in his case it would be a bottle of red wine! But my thermals have gone back on again, as it has got quite cold again, so spring has not quite sprung!

Ken Devine said...

Hi Vera
Will the choir miss you? What are you rehearsing?
It's nice to have the good weather at last.

Vera said...

Ken: No, I don't think the choir will miss me for one evening. I sing soprano so always have the 'tune' rather than having to learn the harmonies which the altos, tenors and bass have to do, so it much easier to catch up when one misses a night. The funny thing is, though, that I joined the choir because it is a French choir and I hoped it would help me sort out my French, but the only music we are rehearsing at the moment are Gospel and Mass, which are in English and Latin! Ah well, we will get to sing in French eventually I hope!

Jean said...

Blimey, it's a bit fruity at your place, all that procreative activity, I mean.
I suppose that's mother nature. Anything in a skirt will do, sort of. At least animals don't pretend to be interested in one's intellect in order to get one in the sack !!

Vera said...

Jean: You are absolutely right! Our place is rife with goings on in the name of procreativity! Mother nature, as you say, at its most vigorous!

Anonymous said...

HELLO I'm back,
You have forgotten what granny always said re vests and liberty bodices "Never cast a clout till May is out".
As to Baileys and chocolate I am sending you a certified Papal dispensation which allows you to consume any quantity of said substances deemed required for benefit of the soul, and I'll have some too. So let's hear no more of "just a small one for me".
Ondine xx

Vera said...

Hello Ondine. Ah but we are living in SW France so I think that the 'Never cast a clout' doesn't really apply down here! Will notice of your advice about not having a 'small one' when next I open the lid to my bottle of Baileys. Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

I think the May refered to is the blossom of the hawthorn tree so works everywhere!
Have had my shoulder op, but more complicated than expected, so I'm not too clever, and very hampered with just one hand.
You could base a soap opera on the goings on of your chickens!
Ondine xx

DUTA said...

Hi Vera,

You're just overworked; you should take things a bit easier. And it is too soon to give up the termal vest when outdoors as you might catch a bad coldwith unpleasant consequences.

You may ,however, indulge in choir activity and chocolate - music and cocoa is good for the soul, and strengthtens the physical part too.

Vera said...

Hi again Ondine: Hope your shoulder heals quickly. It must be rough just having one hand to do things with, so blessings to you.

Duta: I would rather have too much to do than too little, but I must have been overdoing it lately as I slept for twenty hours in one stretch over the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the blessings Vera, I really need them!!
It's good to see that Duta agrees with me about the vest and about chocolate soothing the soul, we know what we are talking about.
O. xxx

Roz said...

ooohhh baileys and chocolate yummy!!!! might have to have some myself - thanks for the tip!!