Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ah! Those piglets, and strewth: the caravan!

So a couple of days ago the Man in the White Van called again. Outcome of visit? Confirmed that he would collect the caravan in four weeks.

"Four weeks?" I said to Hubs as he relayed the man-deal he had made. "So where are we going to sleep then?"
"In the Half Barn"
"But it's not been finished".
"Oh just put some curtains up, and give it a sweep through".
I looked at him. That is all I could do. Because he was obviously in 'a good fairy from somewhere or other is going to sort it all for me' mode.

But the Half Barn is still waiting for Danny to come and finish the walls and tile the floor, and then it has to be painted. I wanted this all to be done before we moved into it properly. This looks like not being the case. If you could see the interior of the Half Barn then you would be flinching about sleeping there as well!

So into 'Good Fairy' mode I have gone. I reckon I have about three weeks to clean out the stones in the wall, and get at least the first couple of coats of paint on the walls and ceiling. That allows for a week to get the caravan scrubbed through. If we had been giving it away like the last one I would not be so bothered about the state of it, but it is being sold so I must make an effort to get it as pristine as I can.

I had a twenty hour sleep at the weekend. Might need another long sleep sometime soon!

And as for those little rascals:

That was two days ago, and yesterday they found another escape route. Fortunately they headed towards the sheep barn, finding it a delight to munch on the sheep manure, and there I found them, deep in muck, the recent rain having made the ground into a bog. Had Bools and Gus with me, but not to worry. All did a general romp round, until the two piggy hooligans were encouraged back into their patch and more barriers were built to try to keep them there.

Today I have seen evidence that they are trying the tunnelling technique to get them back into their favourite spot in all the world. A close eye, I think, needs to be kept on these two little piglets!


Jean said...

They're daring little things, your piglets. I hope you get the barn and the caravan sorted. It sounds like a huge task to me. I have enough on if I decide to try to tidy the spare room.

Vera said...

Thanks Jean. Wish I could go to the shop, and, along with getting baguettes, buy some energy and patience too!

Ken Devine said...

It'll be a good job done when completed and worth the effort.
There's never a dull day it seems, at labartere :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Vera,
I think it is time for the Good Fairy to have a holiday, why not use the cash from the caravan sale to take the Good Fairy to a nearby chambre d'hotes for a night or two. She would love breakfast in bed and a shower or bath, and someone else cooking dinner and washing up would be super. She would be at hand to keep an eye on her domestic charges but still able to indulge herself a little and no doubt her fairy skills would improve after some R & R.
I'm sure Duta would second this suggestion!!!
Best wishes Ondine xx

Vera said...

Ken: Oh, but we do have quiet times when nothing much is happening, and that is when I go silent with the blogs!

Ondine: A holiday? Not do-able, and I would only get bored anyway with having nothing to do. But my son and his family are spending a week here later on this month, and that will be like a holiday for me as family visits tend to slow me down in regards to wading my way through mountains of things to do!