Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Change of accommodation

So the Tam piglets rested in the ex-office for a few days, then needed to have a change of environment.

"Lets get them down in the Woodland Paddock", says Hubs.

"That's too far away. They're only babies. They are too tiny", says I, feeling lurchings of maternal instincts cruise through me.

So a Plan One was hatched, which was to make a small paddock in the Courtyard where the kitchen caravan used to be. Off to the local DIY shop I was sent to buy some metal poles. Won't say too much about that, but they were flippin' heavy, and sharp enough to puncture the flesh of my hands several times. Not that I  am complaining. After all, I am Chief GoFor, and I must do what I am sent to do.

So: Poles bought. Twelve.

Uno problemo, though. The ground of the Courtyard has become very firm, having become compressed by wheels and feet. So firm in fact, that it is rock hard. After bending three metal poles as he endeavoured to get them hammered in, Hubs gave up, and ditched Plan One. We needed another plan.

So what to do.......Ahha! "Why don't we take a part of the Sheep Paddock", says moi. GoFors can come up with some good ideas sometimes, because that became Plan Two.

Please excuse the white spot in the photo. Must sort out why they have started appearing. Anyway, here is Hubs executing Plan Two, with Gussy on guard duty. Behing Gussy is the temporary little piglet shelter, and Hubs is building a fence across the end of the Sheep Paddock. The sheep are not amused. They think that they should be given some grain, which normally happens when Hubs appears in their Paddock. But it is not evening, so they can't have their supper just yet. Bless! They really took on quite an attitude for the rest of the day after this, especially this one:

She is the mum of the twin lambs born at Christmas, and she has a sort of slobbery "Baa", and is one of the ringleaders for mischief, and she stood behind Hubs and made known her disgust at not having any grain, and "Why is that? What sort of establishment is this!" is what she is having a moan about.

Not to worry, though. Hubs stoically carried on....

Off to fetch the girls he went.........

Squeeling with outrage at such manhandling, which sheep watching with great interest, the girls were relocated into their temporary home. Down to the wood they will go when they are bigger, and once we have built teamwork between us all.

And all came to examine these two new little beings with great interest, who, however, were more interested in the grass having been on concrete for the past five days. Promptly they went into rotovator mode, as their noses dug into the ground and made the first of the furrows.

And here they are! Oh! Can't you see them? That's because they are asleep. Look closely and to the left you can see one little ear poking up from the straw!

So, Plan Two done. They still jump about and carry on in a dreadful fright when things happen around them. They do 'drama queen' mode very well, do our two new girls.

Saying bye for now.........


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Nice looking piggies. Last year, we had three Tamworth / Bayeux crosses and they gave us the best meat we've had. We had been planning to take pure-race Bayeux this year, in an effort to support a local rare breed but the chap who sold us last year's has had to give up his animals through ill health.

Strange perhaps but we've found it easier to get hold of English rare breed pigs than French and this year is no exception as we're taking delivery of a pair of Large Blacks in about 6 weeks, once they're weaned.

Tamworths are long in the leg giving them extra leverage with their snouts, so they will be giving your stock fencing a good test ! We shall look forward to hearing how they get on in the woods.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Vera they really are cute and I love the video seeing the sheep as well. Looking forward to following the progress. Take care Diane

Vera said...

We are in SW France and Tamworths are few and far between down here. I don't know about the French rare breeds here, but the French are very interested in the Tams, and often stop their cars to have a look at them.

As for strong stock fencing, we have a double barrier: cemented posts and wire, then an electric fence attached to that. So far, so good, and we have had no breakouts!

Looking forward to seeing photos of your Large Blacks on your blog, and also inspired by your blog of today, which was how to make a skirt from a pair of old jeans!

Vera said...

Dianne: Hi there. Hope your salmon is not all eaten up and that a goodly quantity is left for your husband to enjoy when you return here to France! The piggies are cute, aren't they! They are growing already and getting braver by the day!

Wylye Girl said...

Ah, ginger Tams, my favourites. We have a place called the Ginger Piggery just down the road where they breed them. They taste delicious!

DUTA said...

Beautiful new Header! I love it.

You and your hubby seem to be a wonderful, creative team generating the necessary plans for carrying on with the daily problems.

The two little piglets seem to have become now the attraction of all the other animals at your farm.

Have a lot of fun and joy!

Vera said...

WG: What a lovely name: the Ginger Piggery! And will be glad to get some piglets of our own born here eventually, if Tess and Max can get their act together. Otherwise, we remain in good hopes for these new arrivals.

Duta: Glad you like the header. Out of the hundreds of photos one takes, there is always one which stands out from the rest, and this was the one. And you are right, everyone here was very intrigued by these two little ones.

John Gray said...

when I had my pigs I never got over just how much they loved to sleep in the warm!!!
I used to eat my lunch in the warmth of their pig house!!!!!

Vera said...

John: I am amazed at how Tess, and our two new little girls love snuggling up in warm straw. Max doesn't seem to be so bothered and often can be found outside having a snooze, but only if it is fairly warm. Otherwise he will be doing 'spoons' with Tess in their cabin. They so love getting mucky, but then need to chill out in a warm bed! Lovely animals!

Jean said...

Lovely film of the piglets !! But I'm surprised they didn't run back inside when you mentioned bacon sandwiches.