Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Up she goes!

And this is Bools racing over our brand new step into and out of the half barn, so instead of a huge 'step up/ step down' which is good for the thighs but difficult when one is carrying a tray of tea and biscuits for the builders, I can now manage this task with a degree of dignity! Bools would have stopped and said 'hello' to you but he was in a rush. I'll see if he will spare the time for a photo-shoot next time.

And today the builders knocked down the bits of wall which were inconvenient to them and covered the exposed nudity of the top of the wall by a layer of concrete.

And continuing your tour of our house, we are now in the lounge and you are looking up at the bedroom wall with the doorway into the second room whose use is as yet undefined. They built this today. Instead of biscuits this morning, I gave them some homemade cake. Actually I had to use the figs up and made a fig-tart thingy. Perhaps it was the figs that got them moving today. I believe that they are good for the food transit system of our bods, and perhaps added extra zest to the lads endeavours.

And now we are in the food storage room, or 'cave' as in 'carv'. Bedroom door to the left, top roof beam at the top, planks of wood nothing to do with the roof so are only in situ while the builders need them to be, chimney pot in the middle, and hey presto! We are heading up to the sky!

More divi's (quotes) on the way: for tall barn roof, for fosse (for the loo), and tiling the floor of the half barn. We haven't got an endless pot of money, but we seem to have done very well on what we have got.

Things I have learnt today: that no matter how busy one is, one should make time for 'time-out'. Being head down with PC work, and veg-gardening, and domestic duties, while enjoyable and good for keeping the halo bright and shiny, it is ultimately tiring for my soul. This is what I learnt today after half an hour of fun-play with Bools down by the river.

And wishing my Mum well in her recovery from her hip operation, and my daughter well in her move from her old life into her new one. Blessings to them both, and to you too.


DUTA said...

Hi Vera,
It's important that you realize you have to take a "time-out" to calm the soul.

You have reasons to be pleased: you've used your financials well, there's constant upgrading regarding the building of the house, and in the performance of daily duties (from biscuits to homemade cake!). So, relax!

Thanks for the blessings. I'm sure you all three generations of women will do well. Anyway, I wish your Mum a speedy recovery and your daughter lots of luck in her new life.

Vera said...

Thankyou for your best wishes, Duta, and you are right about taking time out. I am endlessly giving help and advice to others, but rarely take notice for myself! I guess that's the same for all of us.

TheChicGeek said...

Good for you to take time out, Vera! You deserve it! Everything looks beautiful with your projects. I wish you and your family all the best...and your Mom a speedy recovery!

Vera said...

Hi CG. Many thanks for your kind thoughts. Will pass them on to Mum, Duta's too. It will give her quite a boost to have best wishes being sent to her from people living in other countries!