Saturday, 12 September 2009

And Up Some More!

Sorry for not putting up a blog up for a few days, but it turned out to be one of those weeks which seemed to keep galloping along too fast for me to catch up. You know, when you feel as if you are still somewhere on Monday, but land up somehow on Friday!

Been a good week. Apart from a trot off to the vets with Bools, who has developed a lump in his throat. He romped about with great glee in the river on Tuesday, then Wednesday morning started getting a lump. Waited until Thursday, then off to the vets we went. He doesn't seem to have anything dreadfully wrong, but visiting the vets daily so they can keep an eye on him.

The builders have been here all week, bless them, working in temperatures which have been high again. Four months without rain! Crikey, it has been the best of summers for living in caravans and having a house rebuilt. We consider ourselves to be very lucky in regards the weather.

But onwards the roof build proceeds. Photo up top: Interior wall is up to top beam, and now finished.

Interior wall to the right needs finishing off but is mostly done.

And come inside for a quick visit to our hallway, which at the moment doubles up as a parking lot for wheelbarrows and other buildery detritus.

Before you go, here is the half barn with its side walls now clad in plasterboard. We are not in favour of too much of this boarding, but we felt the ceiling needed to be matched up with, hence the side wall. The room looks a bit like a long tunnel at the moment, but every time something is done to the space, then the shape of the space changes. Hubs keeps asking me where I am going to put the furniture, and all I can say is "Wait and see" because the space will tell me where everything is to go. I envisage quite a lot of shunting, pushing and shoving of the furniture before I am satisfied that it looks OK, but then women do like to do this sort of thing when putting together a home. Hubs said to me ages ago, that if a woman is not interested in her home then she is not interested in the relationship.

I have often times repeated this to him when I have purchased an item for the home which he considers useless and I find it a useful turn of phrase for explaining myself on these occasions.

Yippeee! Have finally caught up with the piles of tomatoes that we have been privileged to harvest this year, with the last bowl being turned into Tomato and Sweetcorn soup, but by accident rather than design! I relate my souping experience over on Foody-ing:Tomato and Sweetcorn soup (by accident!): 13th Sept 2009.

Message From Bools which I will have to translate for you: "I've been a bit sick. Got a lump in my throat and couldn't breath properly. I am being fussed over, but not today because my lump has gone down a bit. Do you have nice girl-dog who can come and stay with me for some fun and frolics. This would cheer me up. I would like to be a dad before I get much older....". That's enough of that! He can't be that ill if he can think of having a girfriend!

So signing off for the moment. Thanks for visiting, and see you soon.


DUTA said...

Hi Vera,
I'm glad you had a good week. The house is beginning to get shape.and by the time winter comes you''ll be in it safely.
The last paragraph, message from Bools, is very funny and written in good humor.

Have a wonderful new week!

Vera said...

Hope your week is a good one for you as well, Duta. And I will give Bools a hug from you!