Tuesday, 15 September 2009


And on a lighter note from yesterday.... So we have a left hand interior wall gone up:

......and a right hand interior wall gone up:

....and the walls are there to support the top wooden beams of the roof. Now if the walls are supposed to do that, then it is reasonable to suppose that the walls should line up so that the wooden beams can go across the roof in a straight line, like this:

_______________ ________________

Unfortunately, this is not so. Because one wall is lining up to the left of the other, like this:


Oh dear!!!!!

So Lester has gone for a walk.

I'm going to go and put the kettle on.

And the builders are having a pow-wow.

A while later:

Not to worry, a plan has been made, and here is the drawing of that plan (to be found on the wall of the lounge curtesy of our roofer).

There! All fixed!

Apparently the beams will only lay on the walls on the far left and far right. In between, they won't rest on anything. However, some strong support beams will be used, and the main secondary beams will lay parallel to the wall on the right hand side of the roof, while the main secondary beams will lay parallel to the side walls of the house on the left hand side. There! That's all there is too it.

So, on the left hand roof (diagram to show the layout of those beams, not to scale):


Main beam


And, on the right hand roof:


Main beam

So, fixed!

Now would you please join me in a sing-song. Singing as sweetly as you can, with no shouting or any touch of hysterics, to the tune of 'We are sailing' ......Pas probleme (no problem for those with minimal French), pas probleme, pas probleme.....come on now, I can hear you fading away!

Another cup of tea I think.....


DUTA said...

Vera you talk like a builder and like an architect. And it seems you are indeed sailing.
I'm very glad for you. I applaud you and your hubby for your tenacity.

Vera said...

Keep on going, despite these occasional set-backs, and keep on seeing the funny side, Duta, that's how we do it. Plus catching moments with other people's blogs: your 'Shall we can-can girls?' was funny and lightened up a bit of a shadowy afternoon.

Land of shimp said...

Oh won't that be marvelous when you are done? I have to laugh though, architecture and engineering fixed with some dash marks on a blog ;-)

I'm completely kidding, Vera. I was very impressed by how you simplified the crossbeam solution, and translated it into something visually understandable.