Saturday, 11 July 2009

There once was a time...

There once was a time when I had a house. With a roof. Now I have a roofless house, full of fresh air and sunshine.

This week the floors have been dug out, and the drainage stones laid. The house now looks the tidiest it has ever been, and probably the tidiest it will ever be.

Once I move in then a natural chaos will ensue.

But for the moment the house is pristine. And here is the view looking from what will be the downstairs bathroom along the hallway to the front door.

They took the front doors off this week. Presumable so they could get the machinery into the house. I miss the doors. Gave the house a sense of being a house rather than a shell.

However, inside the house is the tidiest space here. The half barn is full of insulation work stuff, the courtyard......

....before the floors were worked on,

...and after the floors were started. The courtyard now resembles a dustbowl!

But not to worry. A drop of rain and all will become green again.

There once was a time when I had a house with a roof, and central heating, and a proper toilet, and a shower, a bed with four legs, a kitchen with shelves and a proper cooker, and I could shut the door at night against the world.

There was once a time when I felt trapped by the way my life was.

I might not have any of the things I once upon a time had, but I have the makings of a floor in my roofless house, and the half barn is starting to look more and more like a space I will enjoy staying in. The veg plots are coming along, and I have written my first book, nearly finished my second, have started the third.

We have fresh air in abundance, and life in abundance.

Once upon a time I had a house with a roof and all the comforts therein. Now I don't.


Things I have learnt today. That when the sun is at its warmest then perhaps it is best to stay in the shade otherwise the heat might pickle one's brains.

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I like the new picture at the top of the page.