Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Musings under the oak

Well there aren't any musings actually because I fell asleep! But I am sure there would have been had I stayed awake.

Afternoon seista. Two minutes in the bedroom caravan and I was cooked. Nothing for it but to grab my pillow and a spare duvet, out onto the back field where HG has obligingly cut a nice chunk of lawn, and park up under one of the oak trees by Duck Pond Wood.

Now there is something about looking up at a leafy canopy overhead. And I started doing some musings, honestly I did. But then sleep came. So I didn't.

All I can do is share with you a picture of where I would have done my musings if I had of stayed awake long enough.

Meanwhile Labartere slumbered on as well. No builders today. Johnathen came for the afternoon and did some more in the half barn, before the heat made him shut down for the day.

And swinging slightly to the right, in the centre is the fig tree which has done an almighty spurt of growth since last year. Up at the top of the blog page you can see the fig tree in 2008, so you can make comparisons.

By the way the washing line was run over by the digger on Monday. I am surprised it had survived as long as it did, being in a position which has been central to the builders work in progress area. But now its foot has gone all akimbo. Washing lines only have one foot if they are twirlers. Others here have four feet, two at either corner. Have an accident with one of them and you still have three others left. Not so my twirly-gig. Will have to batter my eyelids at HG to see if can thwack it back into place. Not today though, as he has gone for a early evening nap after missing out on post lunch siesta because he was having a manly gossip with Johnathen.

Things I have learnt today: Hot days are dozy days, and are best enjoyed outside under the shade of a lovely big tree even if one's eyes refuse to stay open to enjoy the green vista overhead.

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