Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Our gates, problems with...

This is our gate. At one time, before we arrived here, there were two. Both were padlocked together until someone kicked down one of them. Now there is only one:

One gate across a wide opening does not do much good in the way of keeping a boundary between us and the outside world. There are times when we are wanting privacy, but everyone who comes calling walks straight on through the gateway, and straight on into our living area. Which probably would not be a difficulty if we were in the house because we would have a front door we could shut. But we don't. So we often feel intruded upon.

Enter RV. Masterbuilder. English but "talks good French". Handing us his business card "in case we need any work done" off he trotted. Back he came a few days later, "just to see how you are getting along", so we ask him for a quote for the gates.

Back he comes, with quote. Was high. But his son had recently helped us with some translation, so on the strength of that we accepted his quote.

Gates duly arrived, in a box. Didn't look big enough. But will have to do for time being.
RV: "I've got some wood in the back garden I am going to have sawn down the middle. That will do for the posts". We look at each other but don't question the mention of 'the bit of wood'.

Bits of wood arrived, thumped down with a flourish by RV. They are tatty to say the least. "Oh they'll be alright with a bit of sanding down" RV said over his shoulder as he walked away.

Lester took two days to boil. Onto the phone he went. With outrage did he require an explanation as to why the wood was obviously not new, obviously not oak, and obviously not long enough to frame the gate.

RV came round the next day. Explained that he had put on the quote the size of the posts, but ended up amicably saying he would purchase two oak beams of the correct length.

Beams duly arrived: RV said he would be back in a couple of days.

It took Lester one day this time to go into a boil: the beams were pine, not oak. Which means that the wood will not be strong enough to take the weight of the gates over time.

It's been left like this: fistycuffs probably judging by Lester's upset. RV is astonished at Lester's attitude. We are astonished at RV's complete disregard to our request.

Will let you know what transpires. But am lighting a candle to pour calmness onto the situation.

Meanwhile we have a pile of wood in the way of the entrance, none of which is suitable and two gates still in their box waiting to be hung.

What I have learnt: Renovating can be a frustrating business!

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DUTA said...

I totally agree with your concluding line.