Monday, 27 July 2009

Dashing on.....

Can't stop for long today. For some reason, which is not clear to me, I still am not satisfied with the website even though I have spent yonks of time already working on it. However, Hubs/ Lester/ HG/ Tech Team Guy has pointed me in the direction of a different page layout programme in Dreamweaver, and now I know what the content of each page is, I can translate what I have already crafted into the new layout pages. Crikey, but it is going to take loads and loads of work. And I don't know why I just can't leave the website alone, but I can't until it is the best I can make it. So need to do a couple of hours this evening so am cracking on with the News from Labartere.

Not that there is particularly any 'News' as such. Not Grand News anyway.

Well apart from the first picking of our tomatoes. OK, so I know it was only the one, but at least it was a start. So what I did was sliced it up very thinly and put it as artful decoration on top of the steamed squash we were having. I wouldn't like you to think that we only had the one tomato for lunch!

It was cool enough to do some gardening out front today. Only I was in dithery mode, and wasn't quite sure what I needed to do first. So I pondered, and looked, and pondered some more, and then looked around again. Really, the abandoned wheelbarrow says it all, because in the end all I did was pulled up a few brambles, snipped a few bits of things here and there.

But the garden is coming along, despite the heat. Most plants are surviving, and at least it is better than what it was this time last year when every single inch of ground was overrun with six foot high brambles. The photo up at the top of the page shows you that at least the brambles have been conquered, although they are trying to regroup for another go at suffocating all the plants I have put in this year.

And good news on the house front. We had some work done today. Not quite what we had hoped for, but at least movement was had. At ground level.

Toto cut the grass fof us!

On moving Toto onto new grass late this afternoon, I let him have his choice of direction. Straight into the courtyard he went, which is the most grassless place in the farm. And with great delicacy he mowed his away around the remaining blades of grass and was quite insistent that he remain thus so for ages. Until I got restless, and then out the front gates we all went and up and down the front grass we all jogged.

Not Lester: he was on his PC ignoring us all. We were making quite a commotion. Bools and Fleur were barking with excitement and I was yelling "Come on Toto, let's have a gallop!"

Fortunately he didn't. Gallop. But he sort of raised quite a prancy trot, and tossed his head and even did a buck. At which point I slowed down to a walk. Had a sudden vision of me being towed after him like a kite if he got it into his mind to rev up to full speed.

Not to worry, though. All was well. And quite soon we all settled down into a sedate walk round to where he was going to be put to bed.

Our bank account took another hit today as the first third of the electrician's bill was paid. The plumber also came round, so we expect another hit on the account. Not to worry, though. All is well here at Labartere.

But it is getting dark, and I have to go fill the kettle up and put it in the bedroom caravan so I can have a wash tomorrow. Also, the cold water container. Normally I would wash up before I do so, but I been writing to you, so I am going to skip that task tonight. So, bye for now, as I dash off outside to do the necessaries with the water before it gets dark.


DUTA said...

It looks you are a perfectionist, Vera. I'm sure YOUR website will be the best you can make.

I like your horse Toto, and your humor on the hits your bankaccounts got.

The bottom line is important " All is well here at Labartere".

Vera said...

Ah, the website Duta! Today I realised that I am going to have to virtually re-write the whole thing. Not to worry, though. As you say, while I wouldn't say I am a perfectionist, I do like to do things to the best of my ability.

Yes, all IS well here at Labartere. It has been quiet here of late, and the peacefulness is all pervasive.

Sending you over some of that peacefulness...