Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Yippee! Dry Space!

Dry Space! We have dry space! The roofers, bless them, have put a spurt on this week, and from looking like it was going to be weeks before they got up to any part of the roof, it has happened! Et voila! The roof timbers have been repaired. The lining has been put on, and the battens nailed on to fix it down.
Their expertise was put to the test by a might big breeze of a wind, which did no damage apart from knocking over our one remaining cabbage-looking plant. Lester says it isn't a cabbage but something else, although he isn't clear what that 'something else' is! Anyway, I don't think we will have the opportunity to find out, judging by the sorry looking state the plant is now in.

And ........................ wait for it! Tumdetumderah! And again: Tumdetumderah!

And here be the very first new, brand-new, roof tile going onto Labartere.

And yet MORE tiles! Loads of them!

And I am going to close now, so you can have a pause to celebrate with us!

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