Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Donations from the Universe

It is a very trying time for us at the moment. Having come through the winter intactus, apart from the gazebo being thumped into nothingness and the tarpaulins being shredded to pieces, by the Big Wind of January, we are still looking good.

However, we have a roof and lots of other stuff to be paid for, and we are winging it. What I mean is, that I know that we are meant to be here, because if we weren't we wouldn't be. Here, I mean. Which means that whatever is needed to be done in terms of making Labartere into our home, will be provided one way or another.

Simply put, I mean the finances. Lester is carrying the financial load at the moment, bless him, and is doing a stirling job. However, that does put loads of pressure on him. And I try to stay positive to help him, and keep saying over and over to myself, 'All good is coming to us' and 'Our way will be made straight' which are mantras of positiveness which I know will work because at other difficult times in my life I have said them over and over and over, and things have improved, far more than I ever thought they would. This was particularly relevant to just before we came here, during the selling of our UK house. Despite the worsening economic climate, we still sold.

But sometimes one needs a sign from the Universe that one has been heard. And here are ours.

Three lighters.

Now I don't blame you for wondering what these lighters have to do with signs from the Universe, but let me explain. A while ago I wrote a blog which included a piece on 'How to light French matches', passing on the helpful hint that a lighter is a must if one is going to succeed in getting a French match lit.

Following on from that blog, I continued to light the matches with lighters which came from our camping days in our motorhome. Then the lighters started getting tired out, refusing to help with the match-lighting anymore. Frustration was starting to nibble at me every time I tried to do the simple task of lighting the gas rings so I could cook dinner. It took so long to do such a simple task.

And then, out in the courtyard, there....right before my eyes.... was the pink lighter. And it worked! Enthusiastically! No one owned it, I did ask around, I promise you I did! But no. No-one did. Oh joy of joys! One less smidgeon of frustration to deal with!

But it didn't stop there! Because a couple of weeks later, out on the front drive was the white lighter. Meanwhile the green one had somehow appeared in the caravan kitchen.

And so, I must ask you to see my reasoning with this: does it, or does it not, look like the Universe is sorting out a problem, albeit a minor one when compared to everything else we have to sort out here. Not one, not two, but three lighters have magicked themselves here, and surely that means that the Universe is looking after us and I mustn't worry!

By such a signal I hope I am right in assuming that all the rest will drop into place when it is meant to.

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