Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Psychic Virgin

I have been deep in the bowels of Psychic Virgin for the last few days, and yippeee! Just one more quick once-over and then finito for this stage of the book's life. It has taken three years! Crikey, but I can't believe what I've got up to during those years! Anyway, it's done now. All I have got to do is sell it! Am now doing the sister book, which is The Psychic Toolbox, which is mostly written and just needs tidying up. Or so I thought, until I started working on it today. But, PV is now just about ready to venture out into the world. It is at this point that it is best not to look at the thousands, if not zillions, of other books all jostling for position in the sales lists. 'Grit your teeth' time now.

And here is a photo of the bookcover taken from Lulu, the printer/publisher. All designed by me, so has a kind of 'not quite right' look about it! But, it didn't cost me anything, and is original, and it will do.

Oh but it is my baby! And just like any baby in its infancy, it has been sometimes troublesome, given me acres of sleepless hours during the night, has often come perilously close to being thrown out of the window but wasn't, needed loads of fuss and attention, sometimes behaved and was a joy to have around, other times it was a case of 'what the hell am I doing' interspersed with 'well, I thought it a good idea when this got started'.

And now it is done. All I have got to do is press the 'Publish' button, and it will be off out into the world. Will it succeed? I haven't the faintest clue. But it will be a pleasure to say in the future 'I have written a book'!

Off we go now, over to Claudine's at the Chambre d'hote, for dinner. I think they said Wednesday when they invited us over.

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