Saturday, 18 April 2009


Oh, so, in early January a family visit was arranged for April. Gazebo was up. Plenty of space. No probs. Gite and chambre d'hote booked for family members, and looking good.

Late January, and the great wind killed the gazebo. Oh dear. What to do. No dry space anywhere except the original caravan. Would be a bit of a squeeze getting all of us in there. Visit would have to be cancelled. But it was booked. Didn't want to let the family down, so buried head in sand and hoped a solution would magic itself up. It did. Another caravan came onsite, together with an awning. Great! Could squeeze us all in there. Just about.

The family pow-wow. Missing some members, and me looking like Mrs Indiana Jones. I'm the one in white and wearing the hat.

This was on the one dry day. After that it was back-to-back days of rain. But our family rallied together, put their wellies on, and smiled their way through.

Not one word of complaint, not one word of moan. Soaked for a lot of the time, but stoical throughout.

And Labartere gathered to herself another little helper, by way of grandson Joshua, who absolutely loved the weather, preferring the wet to the sun I think.

More puddles, you see. More fun. The mud was an added bonus.

And a frazzled me, proud of the more stoical elements of the family, and glad that we all survived.

Everyone is back in their lives, and we are back in ours. But our visitors have left a bit of themselves here, and feel no distance at all away from us because of that.

Good memories are to be treasured. Not so good memories need to be evaporated away in the mists of time.

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