Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Roof tiles up: Yippee!

Well, maybe a little prematurely doth the word 'yippee' venture into this blog. Yes, the roof tiles are back on part of the house.

But: upside down!

Not to worry though. It is becoming a daily fascination as to what our French trio of roofers are going to be up to next, and today they came up with the answer to the problem of how they were going to get the cement ring beam across ropey old walls. Roof tiles! Inverted.

It is my intention to try and keep as much of the rebuild history available to our eyes once it is done. In other words, nothing is going to be covered up if I can help it. I think the artistry of the inverted roof tiles will be quite fetching in the future: a real talking point. "Atchoo" Oopps, sorry a sneeze. And another.

Et voila the culprit: these fields of gorgeous yellow oil seed rape plants which are now on two of our fields. Crikey, but the pollen count has been going up, because my nose and throat have been telling me so. And how can such a pretty looking plant smell so awful. My nose did a recoil this morning when it first hit the aroma which is similar to rotting cabbage.

No tree planting today, Head Gardener / Tech Team Guy has planted another seven over the last few days and is knackered. Only got another two to go, and then that is our tree planting over for this year. Thirty I think. And he has the callouses on his hands to prove it. Oh where are the lily white UK hands? And where are my pristine clean hands gone as well? All gone. I now have farm-girl hands, with permanently mucky nails, and Lester is getting farmer-hands.

And we have something coming up in our cold frame pots. A problem: do all seeds look the same when they first break through the soil? Or are we growing wild flowers: weeds, in other words. I still think the donkey dung manure is far too rich to get weeny little seeds to grow. And I am still thinking about making a sneaky purchase of a bag of potting compost and putting it away somewhere.

So maybe we are growing veggies or maybe we aren't. Some of the roof tiles are back on the roof although are upside down. Our fields are full of sunshine yellow even when the sun isn't shining. "Atchoo", "Atchoo".....sneezing myself merrily on my way. Cheerio for now.

Before you go, have a look at this. Looks like a spiral of energy over the house! "A..tishoo".

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