Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bangs and thumps abound

Yippee, the builders are back! And the sun is shining as well! Put the two together and we have ACTION!

Thump! Down comes another beam. And another! And....another. A..n..d! Crikey, how many thumps are there going to be before the house gives up and falls down in a faint. A crash! Something has crashed!

Waiting for voices raised in alarm. Has there been blood spilt, or a bone or two broken? We hold our breath and look at each other, the question resting unspoken between us: "Will we still have a house or a heap of rubble. Should we go and have a look, or pretend that nothing is happening and get on with our work."

A roar of the chain saw. Seems like everything is still proceeding.

I take a peek outside the door. One of the young roofers is up on the tallest part of the old eves, trying to get his chain saw to cut some timbers still left up there. I quickly retreat. I hear the chain saw, and all the while it keeps going I am reassured that he hasn't fallen off. It is very high. No scaffolding. Haven't a clue how he got up there.

'Health and Safety' doesn't seem to be relevant to this part of the world. The roofers walk along the tops of the wall with the same speed and dexterity as I do walking along on terra firma. They seemed to have very skilled feet.

An almighty crash! This can't be ignored. Out we go to 'just see how things are getting along'. The house is standing ever nuder. Only walls now. No timbers anywhere. All down on the floor. Cracked is my sink. I hoped to transfer it into the kitchen and use it. Now it is dead. As is also my tea-tray (to the right of the photo), and two cups. I don't say anything. C'est la vie!

And so work is carrying on at a pace. The weather is hot. The builders are here. Yippee!

(The young roofer was on top of the tall wall on the left. The upright plank in the middle is holding up a chunk of recent concrete mix which is supposed to be gluing the two walls together after they decided to stop being friends and parted company.)

The sink when it was alive.

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