Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Fuzzy head day

It was one of those fuzzy headed days. You know, when you have lots you want to do but there doesn't seem to be any energy to drive the engine. Or even get it started, come to that.

I think I have a bit of a bothered mind at the moment: I have finished the formatting on Psychic Virgin, now it is the book cover to do. And I keep going into avoidance mode every time I get near the computer to sort it out. Like all tasks one does this with, the more one pushes it away the more it refuses to budge. So it just stays on ones mind, nagging away. Anyway, have decided to get up early tomorrow and get it done but to write it off for today.

What was firmly stuck in my mind, as I sat at my PC waiting for inspiration, was a 'picture' for the garden out front. So strongly held was it, that when it stopped raining (gentle lets-give-the-plants-a-little-lick-round-type rain) I abandoned the PC and headed out.

Interrupted on the way by one of the young roofers saying he hadn't had his photo taken yet, we had a photo-shoot. I am proud that they are helping us with Labartere.

And here is Stephane (left) and Jean-Louis (right).

And Brandon, taken a few days ago.

The 'picture' in my head was of a little patio under the one remaining tree from the old orchard.

I hefted about a dozen concrete paving blocks to get it done.

And laid to rest a portion of old tarp under them.

The paving blocks wobble about a bit, but I don't think they will tip.

Dusk was gathering. Mists laced their way across the hill. When it does this it feels like olden times here, as in knights galloping out of the mists on their charging horses, reminscent of King Arthur's times. And as I stood on my new make-shift patio, leaning against the tree, I understood why I had that picture in my head.

It was so I could bring out a plastic camping chair, and sit under the tree, and have a little picnic spot.

The oak is just about to start leafing. It will be a delight to share it's energy this year. And I will think about the tarp under the stones and let it be significant for having survived our first winter here. One day this little patio will be done properly. But for now, Yippeeee, I have a litte spot where I can have a cup of tea and a piece of cake. I have my first piece of garden!

I still have a fuzzy head, but it is a happy fuzzy head! So, if you get a 'picture' in your head when you are in fuzzy-mode, follow it through. You might not get a mini-patio under a little oak tree, but you just might get something equally as good.

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