Sunday, 22 March 2009

Buried Treasure

As I dig I think about finding buried treasure. I don't know why I do, I just do. But only out in the front garden. Never anywhere else.

Is it the effort of digging and hauling out the bramble roots that is making me feel thus? Is it because I need to fanatasize about something pleasurable because it is back breaking work? Is it to stop myself from getting downhearted about the size of the project? Or is it because I am worried about the financial aspects of taking on a ruined house?

Everytime my spade or fork clunks on something metallic, I cannot but help wonder what I might be fetching up with. "Will this be the buried box of treasure" I think to myself.

Oh so WHY do I have these thoughts? When all I have dug up so far are some bits of railway sleepers.

And these things, whatever they are.

And then up came these three: a horseshoe, a clip, a key.

Walking back to the computer/old pigchick hut after this 'photo-shoot', and there bashing itself to pieces was a little bird. By the time I had found a suitable chair to stand on so I could retrieve him, he was laying on his side, panting heavily. I think he had given up.

So I took the little bird in my hand. In the sunshine I held him for a while, asking the Universe for a bit a blessing to be given to him as he needed some help. He stayed put. Didn't seem to want to go. Then he took a deep breath and off he rapidly flew.

He sat in the tree and became bullied by another. I stood beneath him, talking to him, guarding him from the other.

Eventually he began to sing. I looked around and thought what a magic moment it was.

And I thought of the 'treasure' I had already dug up. The horseshoe being significant for good luck, which I have in abundance, the clip which shone bright gold in the spring sunshine, and the key: old it might be, but maybe significant for doors opening in our lives.

We can all find treasure in articles which come our way, and they are without price if one looks at the significance of them, what they represent, rather than on the monetary value they have.

I shall continue to dig out front, and look forward to finding my next bit of 'treasure' which, if as rewarding as the pieces I have already found, will give me wealth indeed. Passing these thoughts on to you, with a blessing.

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