Thursday, 28 May 2015

Been out........

Been out....
chopping and pulling up the thistles,
which have sprinkled themselves over our fields.
Not to worry,
most are now done,
well I think they are,
only they have a tendency to  magic more of themselves
whenever I look over my shoulder
to check that all are cut,
as I walk away from the field.
Been out....
scything patches of wilderness,
mostly along the back of the house,
where, if left, the wild growth will grow head high,
which it did last year.
Trouble is,
that it then makes for a stupendous hideout
for the rats.
So what I do is,
five hundred swings of the scythe,
some of which make efficient contact with the wilderness plants,
such that they fall down dead,
so, for the moment,
I am winning the battle.
didn't do the five hundred yesterday,
as I saved a portion of swipes
for the mini wilderness of bramble and nettle,
which were blocking the path to the river.
'Twas a good job done,
and as a reward,
I sat
on a fallen tree
(from our woodland, and torn down by the force of the full river)
and watched the dogs play,
and the water flow.
It was very nice.
Been out.....
watering the veg plot,
with watering cans,
because the pump has deceased itself,
so the hosepipe remains in its tangled heap,
un-used until the pump problem is solved,
while I plod around doing the watering
by hand.
Not to worry,
although the weight of the cans is heavy,
I soothe myself,
by thinking of the muscles I am building up,
which might perhaps be useful
for when I have to lift my piano accordion from off the floor
so that I can play it.
It is heavy.
But.....Veg plot?
Veg plot.
We have done an about turn
on our decision not to have DIY veg this year.
It was Lester's fault.
He had a tractor urge in the middle of May,
decided to plough the veg plot,
then rotovate it,
then sent me in to get the seeds planted.
Ah well,
keeps me fit and healthy,
I think.
(However, my back thinks not)
Been out....
cutting the brambles,
which is a task which I can never win,
but I have to try,
otherwise the brambles will suffocate all of Labartere,
including the house,
which they were doing when we came here.
Wrapped in a cocoon of brambles, and ivy,
that is how the house and immediate land was.
As I say,
I shall never win this war,
but I can fight a good battle,
for the rest of my time here,
no matter how long that might be.
Been out.....
went to Plaisance today,
which is our local small town.
It was market day.
Thought it a good idea to make a purchase:
a huge bunch of seedling leeks,
a huge bunch of  seedling onions,
and a smaller bunch of seedling onions.
It was one of those ideas which was 'must do',
and as with all such marvellous ideas,
the actual reality was far away.
Not to worry.
Went into the chemist,
and purchased some muscle rub,
which should hopefully let my back plant all those leeks and onions.
As I say,
seemed like a plan
when I stood in the plant queue in the market.
Shame I didn't ask my back if it agreed.
Also investigated a newly opened brocante,
(second hand shop)
will visit again.
Went for a plod down the road,
over the bridge,
then turned left to the bullring,
hoping to find a recommended carpenter,
which I did,
but no,
he did not make front doors,
just inside things,
so the search continues to find:
1) someone to make heavy oak front doors,
2) someone to sort out the plumbing for the Rayburn wood burning stove.
Been out....and now I am indoors again.
Need to get some lunch on the go,
as we have another band rehearsal this afternoon.
Concert on the 6th June.
Message to self:
Do not panic,
everything will be alright on the night!
Repeating this endlessly to myself,
I bid you farewell,


northsider dave said...

Gosh you have been busy Vera. I am always fighting thistles, docks and brambles. Look forward to seeing pictures of your veg plot.

My Life in the Charente said...

Hope the back is managing. Mine hates more than anything standing still in queues. I have to admit though the veggie garden also causes it to complain! The thought of all that beautiful fresh produce though is worth it. Take care Diane x

Horst in Edmonton said...

Wow, you've been real busy. Hope you find a good carpenter to build those heavy Oak doors. Good to here that you got a garden going. I am just in the process to get my garden in as well. I've already planted 2 tomato plants, plan to get 2 more. Also planting a bunch of flowers. Have a great weekend.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

i seeeee! the veg plant is back! yay! great work, Vera, all of it! good for you.

Jean said...

As always, just reading your post makes me feel exhausted!

Vera said...

N.Dave, nice to know that you also have to fight the battle with thistles and brambles!

Diane, queues do me in as well, plus standing around waiting for Lester to give me instructions as to what he wants me to do! Makes me quite grumpy! Hold your back holds out as we go into the full flow of veggie growing!

Horst, hi, and nice to hear from you. Hope you are keeping well and are in good spirits. Perhaps you will post up photos of your garden? Would love to see them.

OFG, the veg plot could not be ignored, despite our efforts to do so!

Jean, made me feel exhausted when I re-read the blog a couple of hours later!

Mizumatte said...

oh the endless tasks of farminglife, do you use rambles as fertilizizer or food? hope your back is okey by now .take care Jaana

Kerry said...

Glad you are doing the veg plot, hope your veg is more successful than ours. Weeds, I'm sure someone follows me and plants more than I pull out x

Vera said...

Jaana, back is much better! Just kept out of the veg plot for a couple of days!

Kerry, the seeds seem very slow to come up, but hopefully most will decide to do so soon! I agree about matter how carefully one weeds there always seem more!

John Gray said...

We needto meet

Vera said...

John, bless you..... region 65 of SW France is where I am, so any time you are thinking of visiting France, then we shall be pleased to see you. Vx