Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A quick catch-up

Not much happening on our small farm at the moment, apart from Spring growth romping away everywhere, but not out on the veg plot which is still being ploughed up by the pigs. The soil here is nearly empty of all plants, except the mint and thistles which are being left, but even those are gradually getting trampled down.

We are missing growing veg though. It does not seem right not to be bent over planting seeds, weeding, and trying to remember to water the seeds in pots in the mini greenhouse which can get fried to nothing if we don't remember to put the shade cover over them. Most of all we are missing the rush of pleasure which comes from seeing a row of seeds pop up through the soil. Not to worry, we must stay firm in our resolve to try and get the house sorted out, plus getting the gates and fencing finished, not to mention the bramble patches which need tackling. An effort on these fronts should free us up next year to start smallholding properly. But I can honestly say that not getting things growing in the veg plot is leaving a big hole in us, as if we are not doing right by ourselves by not growing our own veg, and already I am missing the harvest which will not be coming into the kitchen later on this year. But we must stand firm.

I have almost got the first coat of paint on the walls of the sitting room / music room, and have just got the bottom of the walls to do. This requires laying down on the floor so I can get a better straight edge so I only do a bit at a time because it is so fiddly. But after nearly seven years of living in chaos we are so relieved to have some orderliness around us. Being clean and tidy is something we have never been since we arrived here.

And on a family note.....my daughter and her partner have just left after having had an overnight stop here en route to their new life in Spain. With caravan in tow, with dog and cat on board as well, the last message we had from them was: "Just hit the Spanish border. Bit of a white knuckle ride with the caravan - snow still about and roads closed making it a bit of a challenge but I have an excellent pilot at the helm! Had lovely stop over at chez Mum and Lester and only disgraced ourselves a couple of times with Tilly chasing the geese and chickens" And it is true. Little Tilly did indeed learn that chasing chickens and geese is the best fun ever, that it is best to bark at big things like cows and pigs from the other side of the fences, and that sheep poo is divine. But the animals withstood her antics very well. They have, after all, been chased and / or barked at by our two rottweiller girls, after which a little beagle dog is not going to be too much of a scare to them.

It was nice to see Karen and Darren, and we wish them well in their future life. I am sure that they will do well. They are both on the same page, so that should see them through the steep learning curve which will most surely be ahead of them as they move into the next chapter of their lives.

Meanwhile.....nothing much else happening, just coasting along for the moment....

So saying bye for now,



the Goodwife said...

Please don't beat yourself up over the lack of garden! Sometimes we have to prioritize and the ability to do so is an admirable quality! As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day, and the world won't come crashing down if you have to buy your veggies from the market or grocery!
Enjoy getting your home settled, spring will spring again next year! :)

Vera said...

The Goodwife....oh bless you so much for reminding me that 'spring will be spring again next year', and you are so right with saying about buying veggies in..... you re balanced me, and for that I thank you! Vx

the Goodwife said...