Friday, 16 January 2015

We couldn't do it! But our builder does!!

And so it came to the second day of the demise of the goats.
Two now in the freezer, two more to go.
I stood ready to help Lester,
round the corner of the hay bales he came,
with Blossom in tow.
I could see by his face that it was hard for him,
after all we had raised her,
and named her.
But it was her time, 
so we did the job.

One left to do.
So indoors for a cup of tea, delaying, that is what we were doing.
So I stood and waited for Lester,
and round the corner of the hay bales he came,
with the red goat in tow.
We looked at each other,
we looked at the goat,
she looked at us.
"We could put her in with the sheep," I said.
So we did.

Goats and us do not work here.
But we still have one.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen,
and water flows!
Crikey, a proper sink with proper taps, and a proper work surface!

....which won't be used yet because the oak needs oiling,
but I can wait.
I have the curtains to make for the front openings anyway,
and the shelves still need to be made.
But wow!

And its the turn of Smeggy today,
who is having a work top put in beside her.

And we have rescued the table and chairs from beneath a pile of packing boxes.
We brought it from the UK with us,
and it has somehow managed to survive despite all that has been done to it.
It fits well in the kitchen, so there it will stay.

And Bools and Blue having a lovey dovey moment.



Kerry said...

The kitchen is looking great, love the corner with the sink and oak worktop. Are you making the doors too? x

Vera said...

Hi Kerry, we are not having doors because we want the kitchen to look cosy and have a country French look. Anyway, we don't close doors so they would always be open, so I am making curtains for them!

Tim said...

"so I am making curtains for them!"....
which won't look silly or odd if you leave them open!!
Like ti...
and I must say...
the kitchen is really beginning to look like one!!

Vera said...

Tim, exactly my thinking....that you can bump into a door but you can't do that with curtains. Also, curtains will lend colour and ambience to the kitchen, and will help make the kitchen look like a proper farm kitchen rather than a glitzy modern fitted kitchen!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

good on you for those goats.. i'm currently rethinking mine and am heavily leaning toward sheep. but the milk is the thing so i think i'm stuck with goats as cows dont really like me. :-/ but wow that kitchen!!! i think i'm in love with Smeggy.

Vera said...

OFG, Cows are a bit on the big side, so if I was smallholding on my own I would probably have a goat or two, but they are such a difficult animal to keep as you well know, and really do not try to be part of the team like our sheep, cows, and pigs do. I agree about the milk though. I miss goats milk, and goats cheese.

I love my Smeggy too!

northsider dave said...

Your house improvements look amazing Vera.

Vera said...

Northsider Dave, thanks! Still a way to go, but we are gradually getting it done.

Niall & Antoinette said...

Wow is that kitchen taking shape :-)! I really do go slightly green when I see your SMEGGY ...

Vera said...

Niall & Antoinette, Smeggy is a welcome addition in my life, and already is making life a lot easier!

Rhodesia said...

Wow Vera you have done so much and when I think back to the photos of when you first arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are too soft hearted, I know how my mum used to feel with the young bull calves!! Have a great week Diane

John Gray said...

The kitchen
The kitchen
The kitchen!!!!!!!!
It's almost there xx