Sunday, 4 January 2015

The trolley, the black kettle, and the sunbed stays put......

Operation Move the Rayburn: Latest update:

It's made!
It took a lot of thinking about,
and also involved a pulling apart of the first one to make the second,
but the trolley, 'tis done!

It is a maiden trolley,
which may or may not survive having the Rayburn put on its back,
this being the first time in use. 
And hurrah for Lester for persevering with the making of it.

And it came to me that this day I really ought to make an effort for our kitchen as well,
so this is what I decided to do:

which was get our kettle cleaned up, 
having already fished out the whistle from behind one of the freezers, 
from where it has lived for several months,
so the kettle was not only blackened over,
but whistle-less as well.
How, you might ask, could I have been so horrid to this workhorse of a kettle
to neglect it thus!
I hang my head in shame, and say "I do not know"!
Not to worry,
and internet search came up with bicarb of soda, or crumpled aluminium foil as an aid to getting the muck off,. 
Tried either, and no, no cleaner did the kettle become.
but  using the two together and look!....

..... a glimmer of stainless steel from beneath the grime.

However, the job was not finished,
Lester called me to help with something or other,
and then there was the cooking of the dinner,
and then a popping along the lane for coffee with friends,
and so the day went, and disappeared into the night,
and still the kettle remains in its blackened state,
....but at least I made a start!

And the sun, it did not shine today,
so the sunbed was left in its position on the stairs,
defending the upstairs from the rottweiller girls,
who seem to think that the cavernous upper parts of the house,
need filling with pee / poo.

But it did get an outing into the sunshine with me yesterday,
and we had a delicious roasting,
me and the sunbed,
ancient that it is,
and of a decent age that I am,
two together,
enjoying winter sun.

And so it is off to bed that I go,
with another day done,
and gosh, how 2015 is galloping by already!

Bye for now,
Lots of love,


Tim said...

For the kettle you need Phoenix Lessive...
actually old fashioned crystal soda...
dirt cheap, get ours from Intermarché...
a bucket big enough to take the kettle...
and enough hot water to drown the kettle...
Put two large serving-spoonfuls of Phoenix in the bucket...
pour in loads of very hot water and stir...
proceed to drown kettle...
if there are any non-metal parts to the kettle, keep them out of the soda!
Leave for twelve hours and then rub down with a soft scourer...
repeat until all traces of black are gone.
You will also find that it works wonders on your shelves from the Rayburn and the Smeggy!!

northsider dave said...

Good luck with the Rayburn moving today, Vera. All your hard work will soon be rewarded with warmth and some wonderfully slow cooked meals. Look forward to reading all about it!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

i am dying to hear what happened today! cant wait for an update!

Kerry said...

Sun and a sunbed, you lucky thing. Our weather forecast promised sun yesterday but he didn't show up. Good luck with your kettle, hope to see it gleaming soon x

Mizumatte said...

thank you for sharing your 2014 with us. I'm realglad I "found" you blog, it's blessing to read the posts. I wish you Lester and all furried ones a real good 2015 and am looking for every coming post to read.Take care Jaana

Vera said...

Tim, thanks for the info. The Phoenix Lessive seems like something which will be much needed in my kitchen!

N.Dave, still some way off cooking with the it in place, but now needs its plumbing and electrics!

OhioFarmGirl, bless you, update on the way!

Kerry, well I might have had a half an hour roast on the sunbed, but I did still have all my winter layers of clothing on! Still a long way to go on the kettle!

Jaana, wishing you a all the best for 2015, and thank you for nudging me along when I get slow with getting blogs posted.

Tim said...

The Phoenix IS much used in ours!!