Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Kitchen Project.......yippeeee!

So the kitchen is moving forward,
but the Rayburn Project is, at least for the moment, not.

But not to worry, all the pipe work for the Rayburn will get done,
but other things are happening,
such as a door being fitted between kitchen and dining room,
and the sink being put in,

and the work surfaces being sorted out....

...and the hallway is no longer the home of the Rayburn,
but is the home for the wood for the kitchen......

...while I, meanwhile, float here and there,
trying not to get in the way of the work being done,
but still having to keep the home, (kitchen included) functioning.

We have had lots of sun this winter,
so I often retreat to the front garden for a bit of lawn cutting,
just to try and keep everything control before the madness of the spring growth,
which sends the front garden
into a sea of deep meadow grass,
which then has to be cut with the scythe,
but hopefully will not have to be,
if I can keep mowing it.

And for Lester's parents...

...Lester and the Rayburn!

Bye for now,

(and whispering ever so quietly that the sink might be put in today!)



rusty duck said...

Slowly but surely.
The garden looks good too!

The Squirrel Family said...

Its looking great, and fingers crossed for the sink .

I have been reading a while but have just started reading from the beginning. You have achieved so much :) well done both of you

Vera said...

Jessica, well that bit of the garden looks alright! 'Slowly and surely', now that is definitely us!

The Squirrel Family, I sometimes look at those earlier blogs and amaze myself!

northsider dave said...

I wish I could mow my lawns. Managed to do some digging the other week on the veg plot but now it's too wet and very windy. Your kitchen looks great Vera!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Amazing how well you are getting on now. I have not cut the lawn for months, it is getting long but it is far too wet!! You will wonder what has hit you when everything in the house is up and running. Bon courage Diane

The Broad said...

I am soooo excited for you. Your kitchen is well and truly on the way! Wheeeee!

Kerry said...

So keen to see what you decide for your kitchen. Hope you got your sink in :)

Vera said...

Northsider Dave, we've left it up to the pigs to dig up our veg plot, and they are doing a grand job!

Diane, the hand lawn mower goes over wet grass very well, and is so light that it does not dig into the ground...all it takes is effort to push it!

The Broad, I am relieved that soon I shall have a proper kitchen to work in rather than the temporary kitchens I have had for the seven years!

Kerry, sink is in!