Tuesday, 22 January 2013



.....well the river got into a raging torrent, tumbled itself through our woods, 
blocked up the ditches, flowed onto the land....

...... and started to make ever such a big pond. 

There is nothing quite like taking two puppies outside for their last pee and poos, and in the dark seeing the glint of water a meter away from the house. 
It was 11 in the evening. 
I put a marker down by the water's edge,
put the puppies back in their kennels,
didn't want to worry Lester, 
so just said to him in a very quiet voice,
 'I think you need to come and have a look'.

There is nothing quite like seeing evidence that the water was still on the march,
the marker now floating away.

So we put on our gear and set to work. 
Block bricks and sand we hauled from out on the front drive, 
not that it would have made any difference,
if the water was going to come in, then it was going to come in anyway,
but still we felt the need to block the back gateway as best we could.

It started raining. 
The water was half an hour away from the house.
Nothing we could do. 
In my head I could see water where there was none, 
so knew I would not sleep, 
and periodically checked on the rising water, 
but in the early hours it stopped, 
then starting gradually sinking back down.

In the scheme of things we got off lightly. 
Our house stayed dry, the water did not stay, all is well. 


John Gray said...


Denise said...


Rhodesia said...

Wow that is scary but I am glad it did not end up in the house! The puppies look cute. Hope that is the end of it for your worries. It just never seems to stop raining here. Hang in there. Diane

Vera said...

John, Phew indeed!

Denise, Phew as well!

Diane, It stopped raining today, thank goodness! Hope you had respite as well!

rusty duck said...

Thank goodness. That looked close.

Vera said...

Jessica, it was! We reckon about twenty minutes away at the rate that the water was rising!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi Vera, there must have been a blockage down stream. Thank God that it didn't get any higher.

SueC said...

goodness Vera - hope the water has subsided a bit now and the worst is past

Vera said...

Horst, the problem was more upstream, caused by rain and avalanches! We are glad it stopped where it did as well!

SueC, worst over, just soggy now!

Jean said...

Thank goodness, so glad you're not flooded, which must be horrendous to deal with.

Niall & Antoinette said...

SO glad your house stayed dry!! :-) Hope it all seeps away soon and that you get some drier weather soon!

Vera said...

Jean, having water very near the house has made us fully appreciate how awful it must to be really flooded out!

Niall & Antoinette, the river is slowly dropping and so is our water. We shall remember this when going through the summer drought!