Monday, 14 January 2013

Two more then.....

Went to Sara's place along the lane yesterday, on an invite to lunch. She has a sort of children's farm with camels, lamas, goats, pigs. Crikey but the mud though. I thought we were swamped enough, but by crikey they were soupy everywhere. Was nice to share someone else's mud though, and the meal was lovely.

Busy day today after the cutting up of the lamb yesterday. Mince to make, head to sort out, puppies underfoot, a reading this afternoon, and various assorted farm tasks. I would never have thought I would be able to work with the insides of animal, nor to do the deed of finishing its life. It is surprising how one can pull of one the strength to do such things if need be. 

Ummm, puppies? Yes, two. Gone and got yesterday from another friend. What type are they? Rottweilers. OOooohhh dear, you might say, but Lester has experience with them, I have YouTubed them, and I am glad we have them. So two new ones to the pack. They are asleep in their puppy kennel at the moment, so I have a precious few minutes before they are up and doing again. Blue and Maz are their names. Short names which can be spit out when they are being naughty. Blue is the needy one, and Maz is the calmer. Maz and me bonded immediately we met, whereas Blue was the one Lester did with, so one each then. 

They have learnt the word 'No', have already been stood on accidentally by Boolie, Blue has howled her annoyance when she is not being fussed over, they have decided that they do not like it outside and prefer the kitchen, and Gussy is horrified about it all. 

I have stopped picking Blue up every time she wants a fuss, as picking her up when she asks in six months time is not going to be something I shall be able to do because of her weight. She is already a tubs. Maz does not ask. 

Cold and wet here. Apparently it has been the mildest and wettest winter for a long time. River is up, slight seepage of water on to our fields, but not much. Soggy, soggy, soggy.

Stood and watched the lambs cavorting on the field yesterday, all in a gang, chasing here, chasing there, meanwhile the mum goats introduced their goatlings to the bramble patch. The mum goats have also introduced them to the delight of making an escape, that a fence is something which needs to be got through if at all possible, this being obvious when we got home from Sara's and saw the goat crew munching on the grass of the front drive. We still do not know their escape route. 

Sunday was a delight for us, hope you had a good weekend too, and hope the days of the week are splendid ones for you.


Jean said...

I am looking forward to photos of the puppies.
A neighbour had two rotties (as she called them). They were delightful and entertaining dogs, not fierce or threatening at all. As with most dogs, I suppose it's how you train them that makes them what they are.

rusty duck said...

Oh golly, those two pups will be a handful! But an intruder deterrent if ever there was one.

Welcome to the world of mud. You could almost be in England!

Vera said...

Jean, the training has started already!

Jessica, they are a small handfuls at the moment and they are learning the word 'NO' already!

It is cold here this morning, so wet, muddy, and cold, so yes indeed, we could be in England!

Leon and Sue Sims said...

Went to visit friends in the hills yesterday. They had goats but gave them away because the kept leaping the fence and escaping. They replaced them with sheep.
They also have chooks but there are foxes in the area so theu have lost some.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

If rotties are brought up correctly they are just fine. I have to admit that I would never have one. I worked at a Vets for far to long in my life, and I saw the other side of the ones that were not brought up correctly! Never the less that goes for any breed that is brought up the wrong way. I took on a Ridgeback who was taken away from her previous owners at 9 months old by the SPCA for cruelty. She was OK with us, but I could never trust her with anyone else. Sad as she had to be shut out a lot which did not help. Eventually when we moved, I gave her to a place where they used guard dogs and she took to the job like a duck going to water. Diane

Ohiofarmgirl said...

sooo... pix of these lovely pups? i love rotties - their big smooshie faces! yay!
-OFG, loves big dogs

The Broad said...

I am absolutely charmed, Vera. What a lovely blog you have! But my goodness, what a project. I can, however, well imagine how great it will be from what you have already accomplished. And many thanks for your lovely candle and blessing. Same to you...

Vera said...

Leon and Sue, ah the escapee goats! Thankfully ours are close to the house so we can keep an eye on them!

Diane, I have started the Rotties training already. When Bools was a puppy I cossetted him too much which meant that he has never really taken much notice of me. Can't do that with these two girls!

D, (Ohiofarmgirl)pix on the way!

The Broad, thanks for visiting and I am just over to your blog to have a read.