Saturday, 20 June 2009

Phew! What a week!

Our house continues to grow apace, but not necessarily in terms of building work. Mother nature also seems to be interested in adding certain touches to our home, including the two little finches which have been living in the middle apex of the house, and are often to be seen sitting watching our activities when we make our inspections. Bless them, I hope that their little family will be raised soon. Also, too, we now have the new addition of this upstairs garden.

Meanwhile at floor level, work starts on digging out the floors. We have a garden here too.

And out back the lorry with the wood for the roof of the main house waits to be unloaded.

And in the courtyard, a big pile of rubble and seventeen pallets of roof tiles.

Notice the little tree which is growing on the inside of the gateway, just behind the wheelbarrow - another little bit of unofficial garden.

Pneumatic drill hammering interspersed with silence as the young operator of the drill stops and catches his breath after the effort of trying to control a machine which seems to feel the need to do as it pleases.

Big digger grinding in and out with pallets of roof tiles twisting and swinging gaily as the digger lurches into the courtyard perilously close to the house, often times looking as if its cargo could capture sufficient momentum in its swing to give the walls of the house a mighty thwack.

Robustly a 4x4 sits and purrs by the side of the half barn, wearing a pretty hat of curls. The rolls of insulation that are to go in the roof of the halfbarn are keeping it warm until they are unloaded. Quickly this is done: it is causing a traffic jam. The digger wants to come through, and the wheelbarrow wants to go for its walk down to the increasing pile of rubble.

What this! Silence? Ah, lunch. Time to fall into sleepiness, and rest until work is resumed. For all the work which is happening here, there are still times when Labartere reminds us of how peaceful a place it is. No matter how much there is stripped out of her, and now the floors are coming up as well, she still seems to feel a courageous little house. There isn't much left of her but she still seems to feel as if she has a heart.

Things I have learnt this week. That sometimes life can feel like being on a roller coaster ride. That one should not put off until sometime in the future things one can do now.

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